Project Loop 50/50.3 Auction

50/50.3, auction, project loop

Project Loop is back for the 3rd year in a row with their rad skate deck auction. Over 150 contributing artists donated one-off skate decks to help the kids of Taylor, Texas raise funds to build the towns first skatepark. The decks really do seem to get better every year, and you can own a great piece of art while contributing to a great cause. Lots of rad people involved (BMXers too), so head HERE to bid on your favorite deck.

Quintin auction for Mike Tag

This morning, starting right now, Quintin is auctioning off the above package of gear to the highest bidder, with all proceeds going to the Mike Tag fund. To bid, go to Quintin’s Facebook page or INSTAGRAM (@quintinco).

Here’s what the highest bidder gets:

1 – Quintin x FMB Mike Tag hat (the only one currently in existence)
2 – A USS Quintin Co hat
3 – A Quintin Tee
4 – A Quintin money clip
5 – A Pendleton x Quintin wallet (not for sale, and only given to team riders and brand extended family)
6 – A bag of Intelligentsia x Quintin coffee (not for sale, and only given to team riders and brand extended family)
7 – Unreleased Quintin stickers

The auction goes until Thursday (January 19th) 5PM – PST. The winner of the auction will be kindly asked to make the donation directly into the Mike Tag Fund, and in return, Quintin will send him or her all of the above, half of which is not available to the public.

Get in there!