What Could Go Wrong? – Assorted Facts

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By now, a lot of you have seen Shadow’s new full length video ( What Could Go Wrong? ) or will be very soon. It should be on your radar. It’s available now on iTunes or you can hit up a shop.

A lot of interesting info can come out of a lengthy project like this, so I hit up the Shadow crew for some assorted random facts about the video and its making. Click below to check out some assorted facts courtesy of Chadwick (Shadow TM).


Talk Is Cheap: Assorted Facts

Cult’s much anticipated second video ( Talks Is Cheap ) is out now. Even though I haven’t seen it yet, I’m gonna suggest you pick up a copy anyway. Seems like a safe bet.

Anyway… click below for a few facts and interesting tidbits from the making of TIC. Thanks to Robbie, Navaz & Adam Roye.