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This photo was shot during a camping trip my wife and I took to Morro Bay. I took this photo on our second morning there, the camp site was situated right by the coast and we were lucky enough to have some cooler weather after an already hot summer. The fog was rolling in throughout the early hours of the morning. We were up early as I had looked up a really good cement park that was near by that I wanted to ride. As usual it was locked up like fort knox and didn’t allow bikes so my only chance of riding it was to get up early and jump the fence before any of your typical small town folk spoiled my fun. In the end I didn’t get to ride the park because of a lingering patrol officer. On the positive side my early start allowed the opportunity to catch this image of the morning sun piercing through the fog.

Yashica T3
Arista EDU ultra B&W 200

– Ashley Charles

United: Touring Japanese

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見るために下をクリック Nathan Williams, Corey Martinez, Christian Rigal, Ashley Charles & Matsuken 日本で乗って.


Mucho Dinero

Watch Ashley Charles and Alex Valentino get busy on their new United vessels.

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Pommes frites et une baguette

We recently posted a Disposed from this United trip to France, and here’s the edit to go along with it. Nicely put together by the talented James Cox. WATCH!

Alex Valentino, Ashley Charles, Rooftop, Luke Peeters & Jack Marchant spent 6 days in France hitting spots in Paris & Le Mans, producing a damn healthy amount of heavy clips.

Disposed: United in France

James Cox was on the recent United trip in France, and was kind enough to commandeer a disposable camera and snap some pics along the way.

I took these ‘Disposed’ photos in between filming duties on my recent ‘Pommes Frites Et Une Baguette’ trip to France, whilst the United team were riding street in and around the city of Paris. I tried really hard not to take a picture of the Eiffel Tower but I couldn’t help myself….

Mainly Featuring: Ashley Charles, Luke Peeters, Mike Escamilla, Alex Valentino, Thomas Calliard, Manu Sanz.


-James Cox

Click below to check out the pics.


Ashley Charles

Check out Ashley Charles escaping the UK weather and getting some shred time in. Sweet!

Ashley Charles Winter Edit

Check out a dope winter edit with Ashley Charels for Eclat!


4 Down Iceland Trip Video

Marv, James Newrick, Daniel Benson, Tom Blyth, Ashley Charles, Bengo & James Cox went on an 8 day adventure to Iceland to shoot for 4Down’s Substance Vol.3. Here are the results. Niiiiiice!

You can also request a free catalog HERE.

Ben Lewis & Ashley Charles Etnies edit

Just came across this rad welcome to the team edit on the Fit site featuring Ashley Charles and Fit UK rider Ben Lewis for Etnies Europe.


Ashley Charles on United

Ashley Charles has just joined the United Pro team and to welcome him aboard United put together a great exclusive edit on The Come Up with Ashley. You can check out the United edit here and keep reading for an Eclat edit from Ashley that was online last week.