What Tumblr’s Success Means For The Future Of Blogs, Twitter.

Fast Company posted a cool article entitled “What Tumblr’s Success Means For The Future Of Blogs, Twitter”.  Tumblr is gaining steam, and it will be interesting to see where it goes or how other platforms are affected by it. If you missed my Tumblr post from a few days ago, check it out HERE.

I stated in my post that “Tumblr is easy, free and kinda sits in between an actual site and Twitter“, and the FC article states “With its emphasis on short, pithy posts, and habitual use as a photo-publishing and social-sharing site, Tumblr posts are more closely related to Twitter feeds than professional, hefty, WordPress sites“.

2 very similar takes on it. What this basically means is that I’m as smart as the Editorial staff at Fast Company, if not smarter because my assessment came first. Yeah, I said it!!!! Take that, POW!!