José Parlá for Incase

Incase and José Parlá have teamed up for the latest “Curated by Arkitip” project where they produced three pieces for the Incase collection — a MacBook Pro Sleeve, an iPad Book Jacket and an iPhone Slider Case. To go along with the project, they have also produced a great short film documenting Parlá’s painting process. Starting out with some coffee and a stroll down the street, Parlá starts collecting old posters and flyers from the walls of the city. After he has a nice collection of textures to work with, he brings them back to his studio and goes to work. I’ve always been obsessed with José Parlá and his hand writing and it’s definitely a treat to get to see him in action. Check out the whole collection on the Incase site and keep reading to watch the video.


Evan Hecox

I’m a fan of Evan Hecox and I enjoy seeing how people work, so this edit that Harrison sent me was a no brainer.

Watch as Evan Hecox does his thing for Arkitip/incase.

Incase André Arkitip

incase arkitip andré curated by

Incase and Arkitip teamed up with famous Parisian artist André (who has become a fixture on the ever enticing Purply diary) for their fifth installment of the Curated By series. Together they created a screen printed iPhone slider case as well as a MacBook sleeve. Searing away from his signature pink André worked with red, blue and white pallet based off the Paris flag. As usual, Incase has produced an in depth page on their site, showcasing André’s work as well as a short video promoting the project.



Just got done watching this little video, which is essentially a commercial made to promote the HunterGatherer | Incase | Arkitip iPhone case and laptop sleeve.

However, this does give you some insight into the creative process of the guys who run the studio, as well as some cool stop motion animation in the middle.


Arkitip | Parra | Incase

Arkitip and Incase teamed up with the artist Parra to produce a limited series iPhone Slider case and a sleeve for your MacBook pro. Along with the project, they have released a video giving you a look inside Parra’s world. The video was shot by Parra while he is narrating at the same time, making for a pretty interesting video.

Check out the project here and watch the video after the jump –