Modern architecture in film


ArchDaily has taken note of the fact that in older movies, only villains lived in cool houses (the American Psycho, Jackie Treehorn, and the bad guy from North by Northwest). Nowadays, thanks to Tony Stark and some others, the good guys get to have good taste too.

ArchDaily article here, including some great photos of legendary modern houses.

Originally seen at YouMightFindYourself. Above pic from MidCenturia.

Icon: Michael Graves

A great piece on Architect and Designer Michael Graves for Dwell.

Jamie Bestwick House Check

Jamie Bestwick has a really dope house check up on ESPN. Keep reading to see a few images and click here to check out the whole feature!


Chase Hawk’s House

Following Aaron Ross, Chase Hawk has a dope house check up on ESPN. Chase lives in a rad apartment in Austin equipped with a iPod doc in the wall, pool, video game room, and lots more awesome shit that you wish you had. Check it out!


Joseph Dirand Architecture

Joseph Dirand Architecture is an architecture and interior design firm based out of Paris. I stumbled across their work wile doing an image hunt for Balmain stuff and was drawn into the flagship store that they design for the brand in Paris. The interiors combine a great mix of minimal and luxury and have been keeping me inspired for days. I’m also really loving the photography on their site which was shot by photographer Adrien Dirand.


Inspiration Dump

As much as you guys might think, I don’t spend that much time on image blogs or ffffound… But tonight was a different story. I got lost in the vortex and by the end of the night, I had a bunch of random stuff on my descktop. Rather than just throwing it into my inspiration folders, I thought I’d do a quick post… Hope you enjoy!


Roman and Williams

Roman and Willams is an amazing New York based interior designer firm that’s behind such projects like the Ace Hotel and Standard hotel in New York, among other things. Last night I spent an hour or so getting lost in their portfolio and for some reason when I woke up this morning all I wanted to do was tear my house apart, go thrift shopping and re-do the whole place…


Transforming House

David Lang sent me a link to this video on the Planet Green website about this amazing 300 square foot apartment in Hong Kong. All the walls are built on tracks and what looks like a one room house can basically transform into any room; kitchen, bathroom, beadroom, etc. Check out the whole video on Planet Green.

Delfin–Postigo House

White floors, white walls, and amazing artwork is what drew me into the house of fashion designer David Delfin and photographer Gorka Postigo in Madrid, Spain. There’s a great feature on Yatzer showcasing the house that is definitely worth a few minutes of your day.