YouTube “Capture” App

Got an iPhone? Wanna shoot video of everything and anything and upload it directly to YouTube? Like when apps are free? Have friends who you can tape sparklers onto? Well then, YouTube Capture might be for you!

More info HERE.


Over the last week, a bunch of random triangular illustrations popped up in my Flickr contact updates. Upon further investigation, one of the dudes I follow had a hand in creating an iPhone app for Computer Arts and Computer Arts Projects magazine.┬áThe app is called Visualator, and was created solely with Flash CS5 as an interactive showcase for what’s possible with the platform.

I downloaded the FREE app and messed around a bit with the “Triangulate” portion and created the amazingness you see above. Take a screen shot cuz this will be worth millions in a few years. I don’t know if I will be on this app everyday, but it is definitely fun to have and mess with. You can get crazy with it I’m sure.

If you’re a fan of colors/shapes/textures/artsy-stuff-in-general and have an iPhone, check out Visualator.



Dustin Griess has been working on a BMX app for the iPhone, and It is now available. Dustin surprised me with the sweetness in Minnesota last month (it was on his iPhone), and I was very impressed with it. It is now available for free to anyone with an iPhone. Simply do a search for “BMX”, and it will show up.

The BMX GRUB app allows you to check updates from a bunch of different sites (including Defgrip), with just a few steps. It was a little buggy for me yesterday, but it’s been all good this morning when I was messing with it.

Check the press release below.