What The Font


Ever get int a situation where you see a font you are into, but have no idea what it is? This happens to me on a daily basis, so I was super stoked to come across this iPhone app. It’s an extension of What The Font, the web based app, but they way it works, is you take a photo with your iPhone of the sign or photo or whatever it is has the font you are into, run it through the What The Font app and you’ll get a list of possible options of what that font could be! I have tried it a few times and it’s been pretty good… A few fonts didn’t register, but if you are into design and have an iPhone, this is a must! The best part about it is it’s free.

Check it all out here and if you don’t have an iPhone, check out their web based version!

Air Sharing

I just downloaded the most useful app for my iPhone I’ve messed with so far. It’s called Air Sharing and it enables your phone to be used a hard drive by connecting to devices wirelessly. I downloaded it, set it up, and transferred files super quick. Once you have it all setup, if you are on Leopard, it just shows up in your “shared” section of a finder window, like any other computer on your network would. It also works with Windows and has a bunch of great reviews. The app is regularly $6.99, but for the first two weeks, which is untill September 22nd, they are offering it for free. I definitely recommend you download this now… Oh, I also just downloaded a Net News Wire app for all my rss feeds… I’m so screwed now, I’ll never talk to people ever again… And one more Apple thing, what does everyone think of the new browsing layout in iTunes 8?

Check out Air Sharing here or click here to go straight to the app in the iTunes store.