Videos 2010

After watching Anthem 2, it dawned on me that 2010 was pretty awesome for legit BMX video projects.

There was definitely a time when the fate of videos was in question due to the internet, but this year proved different. A company might not sell as many videos as it once would, but good DVD’s are still sought after, well received and I thank brands for continuing to put in the work.

Below, I go over a few videos that stood out for me this year. This is not a be all end all, year end best of videos post (I haven’t seen everything), but just an overview of some notable ones. They are not listed in any particular order.

Feel free to add your input/feedback in the comments.


Photogallery: Anthem 2 Premier

The Anthem 2 premier went down last night in Austin, TX. I think calling this premier a historical BMX event is pretty fair, and judging by all the people on hand and/or who travelled for it, could back that up.

If you were not on hand and read about it all night on Twitter, than you can check out this Photogallery of the night courtesy of Cody Nutter. A big shout out to that dude. Follow him on Twitter and Flickr.

Click below to check out the Photogallery


Anthem / FBM Steadfast Frame

Crandall just sent through info on their upcoming Anthem 2 Steadfast frame. Read on:

Ever since the early 90’s FBM has shared a storied history with Stew Johnson, as friends that lived together, traveled together, and grew up with, in and on BMX. From his days doing Scum clothing, through the release of Home of the Brave, working as a producer for Props, RoadFools and even network television, and now in 2010 as he releases one of the most anticipated sequels in BMX today, Stew’s been a friend a colleague and a role model to us at FBM.

To celebrate Anthem 2’s release, FBM will be doing a limited run of Anthem/FBM Steadfast frames, The Anthem edition Steadfast will come in 20.75″, 21″, 21.5″ in flat black and gloss white, with 14mm drop outs and seat stay brakes. We offer 3/8 drop outs and chain stay brakes are available for pre-orders only. This frame will also feature a slightly smaller 1-1/4″ O.D Top Tube, Overlapped seat stay junction, and with out the integrated seat clamp. The Frame also features chrome die cut Anthem stickers, and a sweet Anthem/Steadfast headbadge! In addition, each frame will include the Anthem 2 Double Disc set, and a¬†Limited Edition Screen Printed Anthem Poster.

Go HERE for more info.

Anthem 2 Trailer / Pre-Order

Yes!! So glad this trailer is finally out. Anthem 2 is coming.

Home of the Brave (Anthem 1) is one of my favorite videos EVER and definitely a classic. It seems like such a different time from when the first one came out, so I’m way stoked to see the 2nd incarnation. You can pre-order (which I’m going to do right after I post this) a deluxe edition with the original Anthem and loads of classics¬†RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!

Peep the ANTHEM BMX site for more info.

Peep the old interview I did with Stew Johnson while we’re on the topic.

Random Fact – I bought the very first Anthem (white VHS tape) from Stew Johnson for 5 bucks at a Christmas Classic race in Ohio. I love that story.