The External World by David OReilly

The other day LA musician Flying Lotus tweeted – “@flyinglotus Flying Lotus, please collaborate with David O’Reilly already /or something/.>>>> Been writing my movie with him, its happening.”

Although better known for his music, Flylo actually went to school for movie production before gaining fame as a music producer, and I got curious about who OReilly was. A quick google led to David OReilly’s The External World, a seventeen-minute (nsfw) absolute mind mess of an animation firmly grounded in the internet/globalized/videogame generation.

The animation premiered in Europe at the Venice film festival and in America at Sundance 2011, and in eight months it has received half a million views on Vimeo. I’m stoked that something so weird and left field is getting so many eyeballs. If you want to see more from the Irish, LA-based OReilly, check out his work on Vimeo or follow his entertaining tweets.

The History Of English

This is a great little video series for people like me who were educated in the U.S. public school system and sometimes feel like you didn’t learn anything in school (especially how to spell!! haha…). Each video is about 1min long and funny as shit. Keep reading to see the rest! (via doobybrain)


Big Bang Big Boom

Here’s the newest painted animation by Blu. Insanity.

If you are not familiar with Blu’s stuff, click HERE.

Best Animated Gifs Ever

Picture 1

I’ve been stoked on animated gifs lately and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone, because there’s a lot of really creative animations popping up all over the place. Moments ago via Joe Cookie, I was linked to this site called Three Frames and couldn’t resist posting a link. As you can imagine from the title, the concept of the site is to animate three frames from a movie scenes and the results are amazing.


Gif Wiggles

Picture 1

Andy Chung hit me with a link to a Flickr site from a Vancouver photographer with a bunch of rad 3d animated gifs. Check out his Flickr page here and make sure to click on the full size images to see the animation in action!