Gif Wiggles

Picture 1

Andy Chung hit me with a link to a Flickr site from a Vancouver photographer with a bunch of rad 3d animated gifs. Check out his Flickr page here and make sure to click on the full size images to see the animation in action!

Andy Chung

andy chung neighborhood typeface

My friend Andy Chung, a designer who interned for me at MacNeil last year, just graduated college from Emily Carr and finished up his new portfolio site! For his graduation project, Andy designed a typeface called Neighborhood, that he published on his site as a free download… and it has been going crazy on the internet! The typeface has ended up on all the major design sites and it’s rad to see Andy getting all the links! Neighborhood is extremely complete, really well done, and it’s definitely worth a download. I love all of his other projects and I’m especially into the whole menu system on his site.

Check out more of Andy’s work after the jump – READ MORE

Captured: Triangles

harrison boyce triangles

Andy Chung put together this big project around Triangles for school last year. You can check out the project on his website to get all the info here. But after he got the project finished, David Lang, Andy and I had the idea to jump a bike through the big triangles he made. They were built out of cardboard, so it didn’t seem like it would be a big deal to jump though them. We didn’t really have many options, so we just took them down to the beach and I ended up jumping through them into the sand off the bike path. The whole thing was pretty funny and the triangles definitely hurt way more than I was expecting, but as we were cleaning up the triangles I shot a few shots of David messing around.