Photogallery: WTP in NYC

Here are some cool snapshots from Andrew White’s trip to NYC to document the WTP crew.

Last September, WeThePeople sent some of their crew to the greatest city in the world, New York City, to clock clips and shoot photos. As is the case with most trips, there was zero plan besides ride. Banking on the hope that some locals would show us some spots, but knowing that if that didn’t happen you couldn’t go one block without finding three spots, we were ok with no plan.

Pete Sawyer flew in from Britain, Andrew Jackson from Los Angeles, Codie Larson from Portland, while Mike Brennan only had to catch a ride from Animal in Jersey City. Tagalong flow rider ‘Smallfry’ joined us for the second half of the trip while truanting from his High School in Jersey. A bit of a random group no doubt, but we all meshed well enough and managed to shred the city every day. And despite some initial uncertainty (Chester emailed me the day before my flight saying ‘I hope you’re not in the ghetto’), our rented flat housed us just fine. The following images are snaps from our weeklong experience in the Big Apple.

– Andrew White

Click below to check out the pics.