Flashback Friday: Artist Q&A’s

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Over the years, we’ve gotten our hands on some great artists and accumulated some interesting Q&A’s. I am a fan of all these dudes, which is why I reached out to them in the first place. These guys are still doing great stuff and you should recognize some of these names by now if you follow the art world. If not, click below to check out the interviews. They are are all worth revisiting.

Andrew Holder

Mark Weaver

Jon Contino

Frank Chimero

Wilmer Murillo


Andrew Holder

Andrew Holder has a new site up. Eyeball that HERE.

While you’re at it, check out the Q&A I did with Andrew back in 2009. Definitely a fan of this dude’s stuff.

Andrew Holder Update

Andrew Holder, who we interviewed back in 09, hit us up about some new work he’s updated his site with.

Check that out HERE.


Andrew Holder is an illustrator I recently came across via Arkitip, and some web browsing. I really enjoy his work, especially the colors, shapes and textures that seem to go really well together in his stuff.

Click below to check out a Q&A with Andrew Holder.