Win a free couch from ATG & Environment

So the other day Nick and I are having a drink at the bar (and by drink I mean Nick is having a sparkling water, and by bar I mean the actual fully stocked bar in Jim Bauer’s new house) and Nick is running me through a whole gang of photos on his new camera. We come across a moody portrait of a gentleman with a shaved head and substantial beard wearing a military jacket. He looks like one of those dudes in LA who could either be a millionaire or homeless (judge not lest ye be judged) and I say wow that guy looks interesting, what’s his story?

Turns out dude is Italian, owns this furniture store and is a big fan of Nick’s photography and wants to give away one of his sofas on Nick’s other website.

So here we are. To give you an idea of what you’re entering to win, I’ll leave you with an excerpt from Nick, and I’ll leave it at that.

“What’s better than a comfortable, modern chair made in California? How about a comfortable, modern chair made in California, wrapped in rare, Korean War era USMC Mitchell camouflage and FREE. The good people at Environment Furniture and I happen to have just that.”

Do it.

And These Are The Days

Harrison did a post about one of our favorite websites a while back, and shortly afterward we both became acquainted with the man behind it: Nick Maggio. Nick is my favorite type of dude… a simple and easygoing guy with a lot of style, drive and enthusiasm, backed with an extensive knowledge of all types of sophisticated things. A knowledge that he will only offer when provoked. If you do not provoke, he’s just a guy without a job who wears one pair of jeans and drives a stick shift in LA traffic every day. He’s the LA guy that you want to meet when you’re in LA, but probably won’t.

Nick is ironic in the smartest possible way, because he enjoys the finer things in life without torturing himself with the stressful prospect of acquiring all of them.

His photography is an embodiment of that lifestyle. He’s got a penchant for old things well kept (or not well kept), and takes the kind of photos that you want to have mounted on your wall, or at least your desktop—beautiful shots that are sometimes more about what they don’t show than what they do. In true Nick fashion he makes this happen with the least possible amount of equipment… No equipment actually.

Click here to view Nick Maggio’s other website. All photos taken with his iPhone.

Click below to see some of my favorites.