The Civil War in Photos

The Atlantic has an amazing three part series (part 1, part 2, part 3) showcasing the photographs of the civil war. It’s pretty incredible how crisp and clear some of these images are, keeping in mind that they were taken 150 years ago.


Robert Frank

One day I hope to get my hands on Robert Frank’s book, The Americans, but for now, I’m just going to have to settle for admiring Franks work online.

“There are few single works of art that have changed the direction of their medium. In 1959, one book dramatically altered how photographers looked through their viewfinders and the way Americans saw themselves.”


Disposed: Team Major Air

Most of Team Major Air is comprised of hardworking stiffs. The Gypsy Tour provides a vacation that we are able to take with a group of our best friends. Our plans were fairly simple. Figure out a place that we wanted to ride, and then get there and ride it. Where we stayed that night was never a primary concern. The trip took TMA from the depths of Long Island to the top of the Green Mountains. It was a pleasure to travel with these guys.