Shoutout to Act Like You Know.

ALYK – Fed Up With The Bullshit Promo

Act Like You Know is a group of like-minded people that I strongly believe in. I am not just saying this because I am affiliated with them either. For us it is a mixture of passion and hatred that keep us going. For me personally a lot of riding I see these days is all the same or just lacking any real substance. Riding around and scouring through cities is one of my favorite things to do. That has been a huge part of riding for me since I can remember.

Everyone involved in this project brings something unique to the table. No one involved settles for mediocrity when it comes to spot usage. If something is whack then we let the other person know.

Cop fresh gear here. Everything is on point.



aNYthing recently worked with BMX crew Act Like You Know. – on a lookbook showing some of aNYthing’s Spring gear, as well as ALYK’s new collection. The lookbook was done to coincide with the release of Act Like You Know’s third DVD – filmed over the last 3 years – and the release of aNYthing’s Spring line. Both are available on respective websites.

aNYthing has always stood for people doing their own thing – and we are pleased to say that the Act Like You Know. crew are part of our family and we fully support their creative endeavors. Since day one, Act Like You Know. has been about creating a way of their own for their friends, building a genuine aesthetic, and doing it all themselves. Using a completely DIY mentality – their 3rd, completely independent, full length BMX video – NO DAYS OFF! – just released on Monday. DVD’s are accompanied with a full-color newsprint zine, made in Queens, NY. The Act Like You Know. clothing was designed with the help of Omens (MSK/Villians), Soviet (NSF), Curve (NSF/ TGE) and Lil Kool. In their 9 year history, Act Like You Know. has accomplished and produced more that most companies with a legit budget, and they show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Brandon Galosi




Hit up the ALYK online shop to purchase their third DVD,No Days Off! You have the option of buying a physical copy or a digital download for half the cost.

Everyone involved has been hard at work since the release of their 2nd DVD, Still Here. As always, all the design work is on point.

Scotty Wemmer in "Still Here"

Scotty Wemmer is a man of work. Whether it is behind the scenes or in front of the camera Scotty puts his all into what he does. His originality never ceases to amaze me.

Check out his video part from Act Like You Know's “Still Here” that was released in January 2011.


ALYK Spring/Summer Lookbook

ALYK has some new clothing out for Spring/Summer and they sent through a lookbook shot by Scott Marceau featuring their new gear. Keep reading to check it out.


New ALYK Site

Them ALYK boys have a new site up, complete with an AWAL Q&A.

Go HERE to check it out.

ALYK / Troy Tunney & Kyle Murway

Some new ALYK shit featuring Troy Tunney and Kyle Murway just came through courtesy of Brandon Galosi.

“Our Southern Ohio cats doing great things right before the Midwest winter takes grasp of Ohio. Troy Tunney and Kyle Murway are going to have amazing full parts in the newest volume of ALYK.; No Days Off.

Don’t get it twisted though, this web video idea won’t be a regular occurrence for the crew, as well as the use of an HD camera. It was just a glitch in the matrix. Expect a trailer for the newest release from ALYK. early 2012.”

Click below to check it out.


ALYK for A New York Thing

Act Like You Know. for A NEW YORK THING.

aNYthing is one of those brands that continually has some of the best/most obscure references in their clothing, dope cut and sew lines, and an amazing community of people creating work for the brand. ALYK. has always respected and liked aNYthing, so when we had the opportunity to do a look book it was a no-brainer.

Just down the block from Dah Shop and the Manhattan Bridge Skatepark, the aNYthing storefront is a rad place to check out the new gear, peruse the huge collection of zines, watch LES tweakers, eat dollar dumpings, and hang out front on the bench. The GLOB is always updated with parties, galleries, and weird shit to do in the City as well. So, even if you’re an OT cat you’ll be able to find something to do.

If you’re in NYC come through and say what’s up.


– Torey Kish

Photos by Scott Marceau


Got 5 bucks?

If you don’t own Still Here yet, now is a good time to get on it.

Re-Up: Bobby Simmons / Defgrip edit

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. I LOVE THIS EDIT.

Shouts to ALYK crew.

This is now open for embedding.


Wanna learn more about the ALYK dudes, than check out this Q&A on WE ARE ORANGE JUICE with Brandon Galosi and Scotty Wemmer.

Brandon Galosi

Brandon Galosi is one of the dudes responsible for making ALYK look sweet.

Go HERE and eyeball his site and work.

Act Like You Know

Click below to check out a promo for the new ALYK video entitled “Still Here”, and then go pick it up HERE. On a related note, check out a Q&A with Bobby Simmons regarding this project over on ESPN.

How dope is that cover? Simplicity for the win!!!