Van Homan Trusts His Woman With a BB Gun

Fun watch.

Filmed/Edited by Ryan Scott.

The making of the new Almond ads

Almond just sent over a bunch of photos documenting their process in shooting the photos for their latest print ads. Keep reading to check out all the photos and see the finished ad.


Skanks & Bodyshots edit

A while back we posted an Almond Disposed from an Austin trip they took, which was dubbed Skanks & Bodyshots.

Here is the official edit that came from that trip, which came out pretty good. It features Jared Washington, Ben Hucke and Shane Weston being taken into a cop car while handcuffed. There’s a good mix of riding and commentary in this bad boy. Enjoy!

Click below.


Almond: Skanks & Bodyshots Trailer

Almond just sent through this trailer for the upcoming Skanks & Bodyshots edit. It doesn’t really tell you much about what went down riding wise, but it’s still a cool little visual journey. All the dudes featured are rad, so I’m looking forward to this.

Edit coming soon.

Photogallery: Almond in Austin

Shane Weston, Jared Washington, Ben Hucke and Paul Robinson were recently in Austin on an 8 day Almond trip.

Click below to check out some pics from the “Skanks & Bodyshots” trip.


Print Ad: Almond

Here’s Almond’s latest print ad featuring Jared Washington.

Almond: Lookbook Phase One

You may remember THIS little promo we posted a while back for Almond. Well now we have the chance to see what they are all about with THIS FLIPBOOK they just dropped.

They also have Jared Washington, Ben Hucke, Shane Weston, Dan Benson and Jan Beckman on the team.

Almond Shoes

The We The People guys have been cooking up a new shoe project for a while and just hit us with a preview of their new footwear brand – Almond. We’ll have more info soon, but for now, keep reading to check out a preview of the new shoes!