Alistair Whitton House Check

Ali’s got a rad house check on ESPN at his new huge pad in PA. Check out all the photos on ESPN and keep an eye out for a little art project Ali and I worked on a few years ago!

Shadow Hand Drawn Ads


Shadow has been doing these rad hand drawn ads. They start from a photograph, illustrator over top, and add some goodies in here and there. The ads are rad and the concept is dope. When each ad drops, they are posting the before and after shots on their site. So far they have ads of Alistair Whitton and Ryan Sher. Check out the ads after the jump and go to the shadow site (click on the ad feature in the side nav) to see the before shots…


Alistair Whitton: Random Iphone Photos

Alistair’s been trying to keep him self busy while he’s sitting around with a messed up shoulder, so he hit us up with some random photos.

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