Albion 16

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Issue 16 Contents:

1. Harry Mills-Wakley – Colts
2. Grimaldo Duran – Back On A Promise
3. Josh Bedford – A Family Trait
4. Harry Main – Stepping Out Of A Crowd
5. Waffle – Hard Target
6. Kevin Kalkoff – Je Ne Sais Quoi
7. Tyrone Williams – “You Gotta Love It”

Hit up the Albion site for an interview with Mat Waudby, the dude behind this cover.

Albion 15

albion, cover, defgrip, 15, bmx

Cover art courtesy of Jeffrey Bowman.

Issue 15 Contents
Colts – Eric ‘Ewip’ Whitescarver
Colts – Freddie Househam
Whatever Happened To Lard? – Photography, Madness & The Cosmic Chuckle
Josh Harrington – Standing Tall
Mildly Aggressive – Ben Hittle
Eternal Optimists – Villij, Epsom and Brighouse trails
The Pursuit Of Happiness – Éclat In Hong Kong
Survivor – Troy McMurray

The Albion is available for FREE in all good BMX shops in the UK, and available outside the UK by subscription.

Live Free or Die

I love that the Albion dudes dropped this video to coincide with the online version of issue 9, as the “Live Free or Die” article with Clint Reynolds (and crew) is one of my favorites. Clint is such a rad, inspiring dude and this article brought all that to life.

You can now read Albion issue 9 .

Albion 14 (AKA Fuck Yeah Taj Mihelich)

Albion, 14, cover, bmx, taj mihelich

FUCK YEAH! New Albion features interview AND cover art by my old landlord Taj Mihelich. Didn’t know the cover was happening, great surprise.

Here’s what else you can find in the issue:

Editorial: This Too Will Pass
Departure: Jason Phelan and his homage to Mike Escamilla
How To: Steal A Bike
Freecoasters: Progress or fleeting fad?
Colts – Dale Armstrong
Colts – Troy Merkle
Holding The Room – Alex ‘Fathead’ Barton-Holmes
Snakes & Ladders – Shawn Mcintosh
Taj Mihelich – “You can’t win BMX”
The Rise & Fall of BACO
The 100th Monkey

The Albion is available for FREE in all good BMX shops in the UK, and available outside the UK by subscription.

Albion 13

albion, 13, cover, richard sayer

New Albion 13 in the pipeline. Cover art by Richard Sayer.

Contents:Drugs In BMX
Soapbox – The Future of Southbank
Pumped BMX – A Lesson in Entrepreneurialism
Colts: Cory Wiergowski
A Long Story Short – Jimmy LeVan
Roofies: One Lap and No Crap with Sean Burns
On The Shoulders Of Giants – Dave Mirra
Style Is The Difference – Jeff Kocsis
Taming A Beast – Ben Hennon
Life Lessons 002 – Barcelona Sex Shows
Aggro Rag & The Hoods

Under Fire

george marshall photo, albion, bruno hoffmann

Around the 1:16 mark on this Dan Lacey edit, you can see photographer George Marshall running around just after some sort of disturbance in Tel Aviv. Scary shit indeed. George, Dan, Bruno Hoffmann and Rich Forne were all in town working on Dan’s edit and Albion interview. On George’s recent visit to Austin, I was able to point out that I noticed him running around during this intro, and we proceeded to talk about how wild it was during this project.

Anyway, George has posted a nice overspill gallery from this trip on the Albion site. Check it HERE.

Albion #10

The Wall Of Death – The Greatest Show On Earth
The Sabbath – Sean Mckinney
That’s Show Business – Bob Haro
Front Row Seat – Bob Scerbo Photography
I Don’t Have A Problem With BMX – Martyn Tambling
Observations From The Driver’s Seat – Craig Passero
The Freewheelin’ Bob Scerbo
Pleasantville – George Boyd
Words Made Fresh – Think Before You Put Fingers To Keys
Why So Simple – Forget The Cookie Cutter Roadtrips
Philly Cop – Seth Stellfox
Breakfast With Champions – Leland Thurman

Out soon.

Be sure to catch up on back issues too. Issues 1-4 up now.

Take a Long Toilet Break

The folks over at the Albion are starting to release their back issues free online. So if you haven’t been able to acquire one, now’s your chance. There’s plenty of great articles/interviews to catch up on, so get crackin. The Albion is unlike any other BMX mag (for better or for worse), so get into it and enjoy.

Issue 1 HERE, and subsequent issues dropping every Monday morning for the next 9 weeks.

Albion #9 Cover and Contents

Damn. I don’t even have 8 yet, and now we have 9. Good things come though…

The Burrows – A Refugee Camp Of Sorts
Stealing The Show – ‘Barspinner’ Ryan Brennan
Jailbird – Pete Bond
High & Bound – United x Eclat Photogallery
No Saint – Chris Mahoney
History Of Street – Walking To The Beat Of Your Own Drum
Live Free Or Die – Clint Reynolds
Off The Grid – Russ Barone
A-Town Trash – Always Trashy, Never Classy
The Porno Couple – Angel Long and Mark Taylor
Self Defence – Always Run
Devotion To The Cause – Inside Zeal Distro

Out August 1st in the UK.

On This Date Last Year…

On this date last year, we posted (among other things) a Q&A with Robert Loeber, art director for Albion.

Click HERE to re-visit it or to check it out for the first time.

Albion Issue 8

Mass Observation – Theo Simpson
Bouncing Round – Brad Simms
Get Lost – United In Argentina
All City – Andrew Clarke
Dives Bombs and Heavy Petting – Dean Dickinson
Pick Your Battles- Matt Beringer
The Experiment – Salt Lake City

Artwork by East London based sign painter Nicolai Sclater of Ornamental Conifer.

Issue 8 is out in the UK on June 1st.

Seth Kimbrough

The Albion have a great series going on their site called “Drip Tray”, which consists of overspill photos from previous articles that didn’t make the mag. Photos from Seth Kimbrough’s feature dropped today.

Go HERE to check out previous Drip Tray features.

Albion NY and NJ Gallery

In addition to the post below, the Albion has a great overflow gallery shot by Benson from his trip to the East Coast featuring Edwin, Hoder, and some of the Animal Crew. Check it out here.

Geoff Slattery-o-rama

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Print ad (above), edit (click below) and a slew of photos (click on “slew of photos”)!!!!



The Albion Coming To North America

Rejoice! The Albion is about to be readily available in the USA & Canada. Read the press release below.

The Albion is just about to launch in North America. It will be available in the USA and Canada. This will be the first time anyone there will be able to get a copy of The Albion for free. We are shipping this week from Liverpool to New York City where it will be sent to participating distros and mailorder stores who will be sending out the mag to their BMX shops. We hope to continue to drive kids into BMX shops and selected outlets where scenes are happening rather than convenience stores to pick up The Albion for free. The success and support from the BMX industry worldwide has been a major factor in the decision to take the mag to America. To the brands who will be distro’ing The Albion for us we are of course ever thankful.

This will co-incide with the launch of our NEW WEBSITE where editorial ideas manifest themselves digitally as well as on paper, a first for us and a step into the void where we hope we can reach out to our brothers and sisters globally. All three Editors will be updating the site regularly so keep your eyes peeled for exclusive content and sign up for our newsletter. For those riders who have subbed already, we will be addressing the issue shortly and will post on our FB as soon as the finer details have been worked through. Thanks for your support. see you all soon.

Support your bike shop and buy stuff that lasts, fix stuff that breaks and drink water, it’s free.

The Albion

Spring 2012