Project Re: Brief

Google put together a project re-imagining some of the most iconic advertising campaigns in history for the web.

“This year we partnered with four global brands and a group of advertising legends in a bid to test a medium and challenge an industry. See how Amil Gargano, Paula Green, Harvey Gabor, Howie Cohen and Bob Pasqualina worked with the latest technology to bring their most famous ideas to life online and inspire a new generation of creative minds along the way.”

Check it out here.

John Jay Interview

Inqmnd Magazine has a great feature online, with Creative Director of Wieden + Kennedy, John Jay. Check it out here.


Print Ad: Mutiny

Mutiny has had a great ad camping going over the past year that consisted of a perfect formula: great photography, simple typography, and a new little graphic element for each ad. The ads are also very consistent with out being to repetitive. With the photo as the main focus, each ad is able to take on a life of its own while staying true to the campaign.


New Wieden + Kennedy website


Advertising giants Wieden + Kennedy just launched a new website this week. With offices all over the world and a client list that will make your jaw drop, it can get a bit overwhelming trying to understand everything that is W+K. Their new website organizes all their work by each office and they have really edited down the selection of work shown to keep your head from exploding. Along with their work, they have a very active blog that is updated by all the different offices, a WK Entertainment section which is an “arts and culture digital content delivery platform”, a People section with photos of everyone who works for W+K, and so much more. Check out the new W+K site at and keep reading to check out some of their work as well as some of their classic commericals.


Honda Insight Commercial

Honda Insight Commercial

Check out this incredible use of a Vimeo page for the Honda Insight Commercial. Make sure to make it to the end to catch the lens flare. What does everyone think of the Vimeo/Honda collab and the fact that Vimeo let them take over their whole page? Is this the start of a new trend?

Check out the commercial here.

Audi and BMW Billboards


I thought that these Audi commercials were pretty funny and accurate because they made fun of Lexus, a car which no self-respecting car enthusiast would buy. But then I drove by their Santa Monica billboard which says “Your Move, BMW” and thought it was a bit weird, not just because it’s corny but also because comparatively, BMW is still actually a pretty decent German brand, in a douchey, 2nd-to-Mercedes-and-Porsche sort of way.

So it’s extra funny to me that BMW dropped a billboard directly across the street soon after, featuring the M3 Coupe and the word “Checkmate”.

Check out the story and photo here.

Rap is the Next Big Thing


Check the date on this NY Times article. Thanks David Lang.

Read it here.