Albion 11

This cover is too good! Artwork by Adi Gilbert.

Issue 11 Contents:
Almost Quitters – Derrick Girard
Soapbox – BMX vs Money
Colts – Nick Seabasty
Hide And Seek – Owain Clegg
A Life Less Ordinary – Ashley Charles
Under Fire – Dan Lacey
The Transition – Marv
Back From The Future – Ian Schwartz
Union Life – Wolfman
The Garbage Man – Thomas Calliard

99 Seconds

I’ve always noticed these Crucial ads (like above) in the mags, and kind of wondered who was behind them. Had I looked a little harder at the edges of the ad, I would have know sooner, but oh well. Today I came across 99 Seconds, which is the studio behind the ads (and some other stuff you may recognize). They are based in the UK and home to Adi Gilbert and Richard Homer.

There’s a bunch of rad stuff on their site, so check out 99 Seconds and have a look around.

Adi Gilbert Interview

Adi Gilbert Interview

Adi Gilbert, the designer in charge of a bunch of the design work for Profile Racing has a rad interview up in the Profile site. Along with the Profile stuff, Adi also runs 2and8 clothing.

Check out the interview here.