Hit up the ALYK online shop to purchase their third DVD,No Days Off! You have the option of buying a physical copy or a digital download for half the cost.

Everyone involved has been hard at work since the release of their 2nd DVD, Still Here. As always, all the design work is on point.

Scotty Wemmer in "Still Here"

Scotty Wemmer is a man of work. Whether it is behind the scenes or in front of the camera Scotty puts his all into what he does. His originality never ceases to amaze me.

Check out his video part from Act Like You Know's “Still Here” that was released in January 2011.


ALYK for A New York Thing

Act Like You Know. for A NEW YORK THING.

aNYthing is one of those brands that continually has some of the best/most obscure references in their clothing, dope cut and sew lines, and an amazing community of people creating work for the brand. ALYK. has always respected and liked aNYthing, so when we had the opportunity to do a look book it was a no-brainer.

Just down the block from Dah Shop and the Manhattan Bridge Skatepark, the aNYthing storefront is a rad place to check out the new gear, peruse the huge collection of zines, watch LES tweakers, eat dollar dumpings, and hang out front on the bench. The GLOB is always updated with parties, galleries, and weird shit to do in the City as well. So, even if you’re an OT cat you’ll be able to find something to do.

If you’re in NYC come through and say what’s up.


– Torey Kish

Photos by Scott Marceau



Wanna learn more about the ALYK dudes, than check out this Q&A on WE ARE ORANGE JUICE with Brandon Galosi and Scotty Wemmer.

Brandon Galosi

Brandon Galosi is one of the dudes responsible for making ALYK look sweet.

Go HERE and eyeball his site and work.

Bobby Simmons X Defgrip Edit

Straight up, this came out sick! I was itching to post this Bobby Simmons edit all week, but wanted to hold out for today so it could ride out the weekend. Bobby came through on this, and I’m super thankful for it. Be sure to pick up Still Here if you haven’t.

Shout out to Bobby, Scott Marceau, Brandon Galosi, Torey Kish & Jason White for making this happen.

Click below now!


Disposed: Act Like You Know

The Act Like You Know DVD “Still Here” just dropped and to go along with the release, the crew put together a great Disposed series. You can pick up the DVD here and enjoy the photos!

“The majority of these photos are from the last three or four months of filming for our second full-length video, “Still Here.” We shot using a bunch of disposable cameras and a Holga. With there being literally hundreds of web videos released weekly, spending almost two years on a project seems like an eternity, and, at times, like it would never actually be finished. These are some of our favorite images that go hand and hand with clips or stories that made it into the video.

Appearing in the photos is Brandon Galosi, Bobby Simmons, Scott Marceau, Scotty Wemmer, Ryan Howard, Torey Kish, Jason White.”


Act Like You Know

Click below to check out a promo for the new ALYK video entitled “Still Here”, and then go pick it up HERE.¬†On a related note, check out a Q&A with Bobby Simmons regarding this project over on ESPN.

How dope is that cover? Simplicity for the win!!!




bobby simmons

I tend to skip over a lot of the web videos posted on the come up, but I watched this one, and it was dope.

Click below to check out “Act Like You Know” with Bobby Simmons. Onion head bastards.

Speaking of TCU, check out a Q&A they got with Harry Main.