Prior to the launch of BURN SLOW, the crew took a trip to New Orleans to gather content and bang out a video. The trip consisted of Adam Roye, Aaron Ross, Brett Silva, Bob Scerbo, Curly Mane, Devon Hutchins and Chase Hawk. Click below for some rad photos from the trip courtesy of Adam Roye, Devon Hutchins, Bob Scerbo and Kris Brock.


Sunday Mixer

5 minutes from the Sunday fam comprised of clips that will not be going towards another project.

Aaron Ross | Sept. 2009 | Las Vegas

aaron ross, bmx

“Haha.. I remember this clearly and needed a beard to complete this photo…”

Is what Aaron Ross said when I randomly sent him this old pic that I had shot of him in Vegas.

Odyssey in Chicago!

I just so happened to be out of town each and every day these guys were in Chicago last month, so I’ve been eagerly anticipating seeing what happened while this crew was in town. As expected, the crew laid waste to a lot of staple Chicago spots and it looks like the Let’s Roast Cycles shop stop was a good time (with some gross rock, paper, scissors action happening out front). Press play and see the action above!

On This Date Last Year…

We posted the Empire Argentina Vacation video.

Aaron Ross Breaks The Bakery Sign!

Check out the Bossman freecoastin his way through the latest Baker’s Dozen.

Shout out to the Bakery.

Let’s Roast Cycles Grand Opening w/ Aaron Ross

lets roast grand opening flyerThe Chicago scene has a new bmx oriented and rider owned shop that just opened it’s doors this week called Let’s Roast Cycles. Aaron Ross will be in town this weekend for the grand opening to hang out and will head to Roberto Clemente High School afterward for a little session. Anybody, in the area should definitely stop by and scope out the shop and say what’s up to Aaron.

Viva La Revolución

See what happens during the latest ODSY-VISION getaway with Odyssey/Empire riders Aaron Ross, Tom Dugan, Sean Sexton and Tom Smith.



Tandem Lake Jumping

keith terra photo, aaron ross, walter pieringer, aqua olympics

Sooooo…. yesterday during the Fun Fun Fun Fest Aqua Olympics lake jumping festivities here in Austin, Aaron Ross and Walter Pieringer decided it would be a good idea to take this Fairdale tandem bike down the ramp. Now, this tandem is not an official tandem, it's actually 2 separate Fairdale bikes that Clint Reynolds welded together as a fun little project. It's definitely rideable and not entirely sketchy though. However, taking it lake jumping down a fast ramp with a real takeoff DID seem sketchy, haha..

It all went very well though. The first run went smooth, so Aaron and Walter then decided to try and flip it, which is what you're looking at here. Aaron bailed and Walter hung on. They emerged unscathed and the tandem held up!

Good times!

Photo courtesy of Keith Terra's Instagram. Follow him.


On This Date Last Year…

We posted this Aaron Ross / Fox “Created To Destroy” episode. I loved it then, and still love it now.

On This Date Last Year…

We premiered the Odyssey Palm Springs trip edit.

Empire: Argentina Vacation

I’m pretty sure Tom and Tina decided on Argentina as a destination because Argentina has “Tina” in it, and Tina wears the pants at Empire. That may or may not be how it went down, but Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Kevin Porter and Devon Hutchins for SURE went to Argentina and filmed it.

The 316 House

The 316 House is a BMX compound of sorts out here in Austin. Devon Hutchins was able to capture its vibe for this little Odyssey gem. I’d love to interview the neighbors.


This was filmed over a three month period in Austin, Texas at the 316 (Kansas) House. It includes three of the people that live there, Tom Dugan, Jared Swafford, and Mat Houck plus two that don’t, Aaron Ross and Jabari Winters. This is just a small example of the things you would see while over there. As you can probably guess, their neighbors don’t really like them. Enjoy.


Aaron Ross – Lone Star Kit

Custom Aaron Ross USA made softgoods available now. 25 pieces each. Hit up the Odyssey site for more info.

Click below for a promo video by Walter Pieringer.



Here’s Fox’s latest “Created To Destroy” edit featuring Aaron Ross. Well done indeed.

Click below to eyeball.