Jim Bauer on Petrolicious

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When he’s not working on or doing bike related stuff, Bauer loves wrenching on cars. Is “wrenching” still a current acceptable term to describe working on cars? Anyway… Petrolicious has caught up with Jim to discuss his minty green Porsche.

Check out the Q&A HERE.

Chris Harris on the Singer 911

Smiling in the front, business in the rear. Those of you who enjoyed Harrison’s Singer post last year might be interested in watching my favorite auto journalist Chris Harris having a talk (and a drive) with the people behind Singer. It’s always awesome to get inside the minds of people who have a heartfelt obsession with something and will stop at nothing to get it absolutely right.

These guys celebrate the fact that the beauty of the 911 isn’t just its beauty, it’s also its toughness. I find that the coolest 911s are the old ones that are daily driven, and Singer takes that idea one step further by giving them modern day power, some sound deadening, and an incredible bespoke interior without losing the rawness that was originally intended.


Urban Outlaw short film

URBAN OUTLAW – THE MOVIE from Tamir Moscovici on Vimeo.

This is quite a bit late, so if you like cool stuff and have internet access, you’ve probably already seen this and I apologize for the redundancy. If not, here’s a 40 minute short film about a guy who collects and customizes (and most importantly, drives) vintage Porsches. Even if cars aren’t your thing, it’s also a good story about how Magnus Walker emigrated to Los Angeles with nothing and built a pretty cool little situation for himself, involving industrial loft spaces, movie shoots, rock and roll, apparel design, real estate, and leather.

If you don’t have 40 minutes, the trailer is here.

Urban Outlaw

URBAN OUTLAW – THE TRAILER from Tamir Moscovici on Vimeo.

Magnus Walker is a friendly dude with unique fashion sense and a couple of downtown loft spaces full of vintage 911s who attends the LA area Porsche meets, each time with a different car. In case you haven’t seen this yet, it’s the trailer for an upcoming documentary about him.