7D 2000 fps

7D 2000 fps from Oton Bačar on Vimeo.

Oton Bačar, who made the much-talked about 7d 1000fps video which has received over 599k views so far, has released another slow-motion edit filmed on his 7d and a 18-135mm Canon kit lens – but this time with renders of 2000fps. The result is crazy. Oton’s imagination knows no bounds.

Some technical details: The super slowmo rain is fake, it was created with Red Giant’s Trapcode Particular 2 in After Effects. And like his previous video, Oton’s skilled use of Twixtor gets this impressive slow motion out of his 7D.

7D 1000 FPS

Whoa, just came across this edit on TWBE. This is slow motion test footage that was shot on a 7D in 720p 60fps by Oton Bacar.

Super drawn out slow-mo kinda makes me tense up and uncomfortable haha…, but this is pretty nice to look at.