5X5: Brian Kachinsky

Brian sits down to give five answers to five random questions. Check it out after the jump.


5X5: Kevin Porter

Kevin Porter takes a break to give five answers about five topics. Check it out after the jump.


5×5: Brad Simms

Brad Simms sits down for some 5×5 action (5 sets of random top 5 scenarios).

Click below to check that out.


5×5: Brett Walker

Brett Walker was on the same trip as Heath, so as soon as I finished up the interview with Heath, I grabbed Brett and ran through 5 random top 5’s with him… Covering Brett’s eating habits along with some Biz stories, Brett definitely came through with a fun interview!


5×5: Heath Pinter

Heath Pinter has been in Vancouver over the past few days riding and filming, so we took a break from riding some parks yesterday to get a 5×5 interview going. 5 random top 5’s answered on the spot. Check it out!


5X5 With Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross is our next victim up in the 5X5 video series.

I sat down with Aaron and threw him 5 random sets of top 5 scenarios on the spot. Good times. He was playing with a crumpled up plastic bottle in case you end up wondering what that noise is.

Click below to check the Aaron Ross 5X5.


5X5 With Dirt Ron

In between chillin and shooting photos at the Old School Reunion, I decided to turn the camera on Dirt Ron for a little 5X5 action. That’s 5 sets of top 5 lists.

I had a wide range of subjects in my notes that were totally random, and pick topics as I went. Ron had no idea what I was gonna ask, so he was kind of on the spot. The video is a little crude in spots as it was the first one I’ve shot, so bear with me, haha…

Click below to watch.