Twenty-Four Down


4Down are having an event in February to raise money for the Boyley Trust Fund. Hit up THEIR SITE for more info.

At Home With: Marv

“All riding, no time for talking. Straight to the point just how the Million Dollar Marv rolls. East London street attack with a boozy game of cards and a trip to the pub for some footy in between. (Liverpool fans rejoice)’


Cleggy Rowlands is next in line in the “At Home With” series.

We spent the weekend of the Case jam with Cleggy and as well as riding he talks about T1, Notion store, being vegan, and hits some historic Leeds spots during a classic UK winter weekend.

Luckily Dan Barber steps in to provide some hammers after Cleggy decided to drink all the beer on the Saturday night.


Ashley Charles

Check out Ashley Charles escaping the UK weather and getting some shred time in. Sweet!

Keep On Running

4 down marathon athelete recovery fund

The 4 Down crew is entering the Hastings Half Marathon on March 15th to help raise money for the Athlete Recovery Fund.

“On the 15th March 4Down will be entering the Hastings Half Marathon and hopes to raise some much needed cash for the Athlete Recovery Fund. The A.R.F. supports professional athletes in BMX, FMX and Skateboarding with financial support after a severe injury and grants funds for rehabilitation, equipment, long-term disability and educational scholarships. This fund is in constant need of support, so we have set up a donate button on the 4Down site for people to give what they can afford for a good cause.

Go to the 4 Down site and help them support the Athlete Recovery Fund!

Channel Four Down Vol. 1


Fourdown Distro has compiled all of their 2008 videos, done some re-edits and packaged the whole thing together for their Vol. 1 DVD that is avalible now. They have a rad trailer on their site with some beautiful HD footage. Keep an eye out for the DVD and check out the trailer after the jump.