Scrapbook 2013 – Timothy Burkhart


Going through a years worth of photos is a lot harder than I thought and I don’t know how I’m supposed to follow Harrison’s gallery, but I guess I’ll give it a go. This past year was a weird one for me, I stayed pretty local to the midwest and traveled less in 2013 than I have in a long long time. Despite the lack of travel, there was a ton of stuff going on in Chicago and the midwest to keep me busy at all times. I got to take care of photographic duties for The Bakery as well go on a few small trips with some friends, from the Defgrip on UP trip to heading down to Texas Toast. I’m always looking for something to photograph and find a reason to wander around on my lunch break at work or take a cruise on my bike around the city. Here is a gallery of some random photos from throughout the year, shot with a mix of 35mm, medium format and digital. READ MORE

Scrapbook 2013 – Harrison Boyce


It’s crazy that 2013 is already behind us and as the year comes to an end I always have fun looking back at my photos over the past twelve months. I was able to do some pretty incredible stuff over the past year and see some pretty incredible places and I can’t wait to see where this year takes me. To kick 2014 off I put together a collection of photos from last year shot on various cameras. I really felt like I spent a lot of time thinking about my photography, trying to figure out what type of photographer I am and hopefully that translated into my work. Out of everything I did, I still enjoy roaming around the streets on my own with my point and shoot snapping photos of all the random stuff that catches my eye.


Lookbook: Animal Winter ’13


New Animal winter wares available now.

Click below to check out some pics of the dudes in Japan during their Japanimal trip, courtesy of Rob Dolecki. Be on the lookout for that QSS 6 as well, dropping soon.


Lookbook: Orange Juice Fall/Winter ’13


Our friends in Holland are back with some new wares for Fall/Winter ’13.

Click below to check out the collection and hit up the Orange Juice site for more info.

Shout out to Roy Van Kempen.


Lookbook: Animal Fall ’13 Softgoods

Animal, softgoods, 2013, fall

Some of the Animal dudes were in Austin for Texas Toast and took the opportunity to shoot this lookbook for their Fall line of softgoods, which are available now.

Click below to check out the goods.


Texas Toast Jam After Party


Coming to Texas Toast Jam. Here’s an after party for ya.

Interbike Through Instagram

@reynoldsfiend, garrett reynolds, mike aitken, interbike 2013

Another annual journey to the desert (Interbike) to look at bikes/bike parts has come and gone. Click below to get a look at the goings-on through various Instagram pics that I've gathered during the show.



Justin Kosman @ Random

chad kerley, x games, street, 2013, justin kosman pic


Tandem Lake Jumping

keith terra photo, aaron ross, walter pieringer, aqua olympics

Sooooo…. yesterday during the Fun Fun Fun Fest Aqua Olympics lake jumping festivities here in Austin, Aaron Ross and Walter Pieringer decided it would be a good idea to take this Fairdale tandem bike down the ramp. Now, this tandem is not an official tandem, it's actually 2 separate Fairdale bikes that Clint Reynolds welded together as a fun little project. It's definitely rideable and not entirely sketchy though. However, taking it lake jumping down a fast ramp with a real takeoff DID seem sketchy, haha..

It all went very well though. The first run went smooth, so Aaron and Walter then decided to try and flip it, which is what you're looking at here. Aaron bailed and Walter hung on. They emerged unscathed and the tandem held up!

Good times!

Photo courtesy of Keith Terra's Instagram. Follow him.


Subrosa BTS Softgoods


New Subrosa softgoods for BTS. Click below to eyeball.


Nora Cup / Texas Toast Jam 2013

nora cup, texas toast, defgrip, ride bmx, odyssey bmx

Yep, that's right! After forever in Vegas, NORA CUP is making the move to Austin to coincide with this years Texas Toast Jam.

Its safe to say, if you're not in Austin on these dates, than the terrorists have won.


Lookbook: Animal BTS Softgoods 2013

As in years past, Edwin De La Rosa and the Animal crew hit the streets to shoot another lookbook for the site. Click below to check out their Back To School softgoods for 2013, which are available now. Video courtesy of Navaz.

Shout out to Edwin, Jay and the dudes for hooking it up.


Shadow Conspiracy BTS Apparel

shadow conspiracy, softgoods

That’s Ben Hucke in some new Shadow gear. Go HERE to eyeball their new BTS offerings.

2013 New York Grands


This years New York Grands is coming up. These always look like a wildly good time, so don’t miss it if you’re nearby.

Stay up to date on their FB page.

Vans California Collection: Camo Suiting


Vans California Collection Fall 2013: Camo Suiting Pack

The Vans California Collection presents the Camo Suiting pack this fall. The Camo Suiting aesthetic is a mashed-up motif that pairs camouflage print with premium suiting material across the uppers of the Era 59 CA and Slip-On 59 CA. Both available in Captain’s Blue, the Camo Suiting renderings of the Era 59 CA and Slip-On 59 CA arrive this month at select Vans California Collection stockists.

Click below for more.