L.I.T.S / Oakley Trails Champs Photos

Just came across a bunch of rad photos from the Oakley National Trails Champs on Lost In The Shadows.  Besides these photos, I know nothing about this event, but it looked sweet.

Hit up Lost In The Shadows.

Boyley Jam 2010

Dean just sent through the above video from this years Boyley Jam.

Supreme Fall/Winter 2010

Fuck it… Supreme is the best clothing brand ever. Every time they drop a line, I get a stiffy the size of the Empire State building. Even though I hardly own any of it, I think their stuff is always impressive.

Peep their Fall/Winter 2010 preview HERE.

2010 S&M Rail Jam

Moeller sent through a confirmed list of riders in this years rail jam at Interbike.

Click below to check that out.


Photogallery: Wacky X Games 2010

Ok, so here’s the deal….

A while back I came across this fancy disposable camera that had different designs (borders, hearts, etc…) on each of the frames. This seemed like a rad idea, so I bought it thinking it could be fun to mess with.

Lo and behold, X Games comes around and I figured I could take it along today and put it to use. I went to see street finals, chill a bit and took the camera along.

HOWEVER!!!! All of the frames were off inside the disposable camera, so any chance I had of lining up the photos went out the window. All of the fanciness is off center. Not my fault. I was torn about running these, but I said fuck it and decided to run it anyway (along with some captions). It was all an experiment anyway, right?? Haha… Enjoy!

Click below to check out the pics.


Empire BMX Summer 2010

The Empire crew were kind enough to hook us up with a preview of their Summer 2010 softgoods.

Click below to check them all out.


Verde Hawaii Trip

Daaaamn! I feel like going to a luau now.

Here’s Dave Thompson, Brian Yeagle, Kevin Kiraly and Justin Burns laying down the moves in Hawaii.

Via- @verdebmx

Photogallery: O.S. BMX Show 2010

I hit up the Old School BMX show in Bellflower, CA today.  As you can image, there was Old School BMX all over the place, and I was on hand to shoot some photos of it. There was a great turnout, and a bunch of rad stuff being displayed.

Click below to check out the pics, and click HERE to check out more on Ride.


Old School BMX Reunion / Show

This years gathering is coming up, more info HERE.

Besides the bike show, there will be a “Legends of Freestyle” ramp jam, and Sidehack races. Good times!!

Come chill if you are in California or nearby!!

Etnies Tour

Etnies sent through a flyer for an upcoming tour featuring Jamie Bestwick, Morgan Wade, Aaron Ross, Sergio Layos, Tony Hamlin, Corey Martinez and Brian Kachinsky.

Click below for the full flyer.


Simpel Session Info

If you keep up on BMX news or even follow BMX dudes on Twitter, than you already know that Simpel Session is this weekend in Estonia.

The Simpel crew sent through the following press release with all the info you need to know. They will be streaming the event live like last year, so keep reading for all you need to know.


TOP 10 POSTS OF 2009 – PART 2

Here’s the second part of the top 10 most viewed post of 2009! These are the posts that received the most views, but it would be cool to hear what your favorite posts were of the year, so let us know in the comments!


Top 10 Posts of 2009 – Part 1

We compiled a list of our top 10 most viewed posts on Defgrip through the past 12 months. It’s great to look back at all the content that was on the site over the past year and it’s especially cool to see that you guys are really into the original content we produce for the site. After the jump you’ll see the 10th-5th most viewed posts and we’ll have the top four post up tomorrow! Thanks for all your support and we couldn’t be here if it was for all the people who check the site on a regular basis. We REALLY appreciate it and we are going to work our asses of to produce even more original content for 2010!


Happy New Year!!