To be completely honest I am skeptical of this. If it does work then it may be the greatest thing ever designed.

Source: Design You Trust

Paris through Pentax

There’s nothing like looking through a waste level finder on an old medium format camera….it just makes everything seem a bit more cinematic. I thought this vid was a pretty cool concept…a tad cheesy at times..but it may spark some creativity in someone.

Q&A: Stew Johnson / Holy Fit

holy fit, fit bikes. video

HOLY FIT is upon us. 3 years in the making, head up by Stew Johnson and loaded with FIT’s cast of shredders and legends. Buy this video.

As always, Stew Johnson was kind enough to take some questions from me, so click below to read what he has to say about HOLY FIT. He also whipped up a new trailer to go aong with this.

Click below for Q&A and trailer.


Run The Jewels 2

FUCK YEEEEEESSSSSSSS. Run The Jewels 2. October 28th. Free. Now on Mass Appeal records. Here’s your first taste.

Did I talk about the first one enough?

On This Date Last Year…


We posted a feature interview with Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla. Read up.

Easy Rider

Dude’s a mad genius.

Nick Jones @ Random


Nick Seabasty cruises though a pool with a view in Tempe, Arizona earlier this year.

Nikon D700 w/ 50mm 1.8

- Nick Jones

The Mothering of the Juggalos

Wow, just wow.

Mutiny Philadelphia

Featuring Josh Bedford, Grant Castelluzzo, Mat Houck, Justin Simpson, and Jeff Wescott.

RIP Seth Stellfox.