Albion #12

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Albion always comes through with interesting covers. Fact. I tend to look forward to the actual covers as much as the content itself. This time we have a street spot pop up model by Bertie Buck. Click below for a video about the cover.

Issue #12 Contents

Underdog – Stu-art
Colts – Mike Curley
Colts – Dan Bob
Shayn Steels – Shanky
Nothing First – Wintering in Africa
Don’t Mess With Morgan Wade
Derek Adams and Little Devil
Back of the Bus – Luc Legrand
Successful Mess – Phil Demattia
Life Lesson 001 – Gay Dave’s New Citroen Saxo
The Greatest Bicycle Stunt Rider In The World – Mercury Morgan


Albion 11

This cover is too good! Artwork by Adi Gilbert.

Issue 11 Contents:
Almost Quitters – Derrick Girard
Soapbox – BMX vs Money
Colts – Nick Seabasty
Hide And Seek – Owain Clegg
A Life Less Ordinary – Ashley Charles
Under Fire – Dan Lacey
The Transition – Marv
Back From The Future – Ian Schwartz
Union Life – Wolfman
The Garbage Man – Thomas Calliard

Albion #10

The Wall Of Death – The Greatest Show On Earth
The Sabbath – Sean Mckinney
That’s Show Business – Bob Haro
Front Row Seat – Bob Scerbo Photography
I Don’t Have A Problem With BMX – Martyn Tambling
Observations From The Driver’s Seat – Craig Passero
The Freewheelin’ Bob Scerbo
Pleasantville – George Boyd
Words Made Fresh – Think Before You Put Fingers To Keys
Why So Simple – Forget The Cookie Cutter Roadtrips
Philly Cop – Seth Stellfox
Breakfast With Champions – Leland Thurman

Out soon.

Be sure to catch up on back issues too. Issues 1-4 up now.

Albion #9 Cover and Contents

Damn. I don’t even have 8 yet, and now we have 9. Good things come though…

The Burrows – A Refugee Camp Of Sorts
Stealing The Show – ‘Barspinner’ Ryan Brennan
Jailbird – Pete Bond
High & Bound – United x Eclat Photogallery
No Saint – Chris Mahoney
History Of Street – Walking To The Beat Of Your Own Drum
Live Free Or Die – Clint Reynolds
Off The Grid – Russ Barone
A-Town Trash – Always Trashy, Never Classy
The Porno Couple – Angel Long and Mark Taylor
Self Defence – Always Run
Devotion To The Cause – Inside Zeal Distro

Out August 1st in the UK.

Albion Issue 8

Mass Observation – Theo Simpson
Bouncing Round – Brad Simms
Get Lost – United In Argentina
All City – Andrew Clarke
Dives Bombs and Heavy Petting – Dean Dickinson
Pick Your Battles- Matt Beringer
The Experiment – Salt Lake City

Artwork by East London based sign painter Nicolai Sclater of Ornamental Conifer.

Issue 8 is out in the UK on June 1st.

Albion NY and NJ Gallery

In addition to the post below, the Albion has a great overflow gallery shot by Benson from his trip to the East Coast featuring Edwin, Hoder, and some of the Animal Crew. Check it out here.

First Look: Albion Issue #7 Cover

John Vandever Homan III: Diary of A Madman
Bob Haro: Haro Remastered
Garret Reynolds: Chasing Some Kind Of Little Thrill.
Scott Ditchburn: At Ease
Geoff Slattery: Rolling With The Punches
Dwelling Portably: Within The FBM Anit-Social Network

First Look: Albion 6 cover

Corey Martinez On Plastic Pegs
Darcy Saccucci And His Pivotal Moment
Clint Reynolds – Rise Of The Tin Man
Adam Wasylenko – Working In A Coalmine
Paper Trail – UK BMX Magazines, A Retrospective
Tom Dugan – I Hate ‘The Duganator’
Tom Sanders – The Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None
Matthew Roe – In The Clouds
Derek Nelson – People Are Strange, Kill Yourself
Max Wood – A Proper Love Story
Section Songs – Soundtrack To Our Lives
Stewart Johnson – Under The Mask

Cover Artwork by Ryan Humphrey, and photographed by Chloe Lee.

Available tomorrow in the UK and soon after worldwide. Yes please!


Albion 5 Cover

Albion hit us up with their fifth cover to post the other day, but our site has been messed and we finally got it sorted. Sorry for the down time and here’s a look at the new cover. Dope as always!

First Look: Albion 4 Cover

Here’s your first look at the cover to Albion 4.

The cover features an illustration by Chris Wright , and the content of the issue can be found in the illustration. Any guesses?

All of the Albion covers have been pretty interesting, and this shows they are willing to have fun with it too.

Albion 4 Release Jam

In association with Brixton Cycles, DubBMX and Volt, The Albion will be holding a low key jam at Brixton Skatepark in London on Saturday October 1st, to mark the release our 4th issue. Afterwards there will be piss up in The Queen’s Head pub just across road from the skatepark.

Check back friday for your first look at the Albion 4 cover. Expect the unexpected…

First Look: Albion 3 Cover

Featuring a blind emboss of their three sided triangular logo. So simple, yet so good.

Available soon. Visit their site for info.

Related: If you missed our Q&A with Albion Art Director Robert Loeber, than go HERE.

First Look: Albion #2 Cover

Here is your first look at the cover of Albion #2, which releases on June 1st.

Albion is available free through all good UK BMX shops, and subscription only outside the UK. This mag comes highly recommended by yours truly (that’s me), so hit up the Albion site for info.

The first issue was remarkable, so I can’t wait to see this one.


Nick Ferreira. The dude behind Holeshot zine (R.I.P.) and currently Challenger BMX magazine. He’s been putting out printed BMX goodness for a long time. Knowing this, I started wondering what printed goods get him stoked or inspire him, so I hit him up to find out.

Click below to check out a few zines/magazines that Nick is into, along with some words about each one from the man himself.


Q&A: Eisa Bakos / Endless Mag

Eisa Bakos, endless mag, bmx

Endless Mag sprung up out of nowhere in the wake of Ride UK’s print demise. It seemed like support was instant for the new venture. While the first issue is still yet to come out, Eisa has been busy on the road keeping the Endless Instagram active, dropping features on the site and presumably gathering content for issue 1.

I hit up Eisa Bakos to throw some questions his way regarding Endless. Click below!