Mutiny: Robbo in Austin

Here’s a cool little piece on Robbo’s recent visit to Austin, put together by Stew Johnson.

Interbike 2011

courtesy of Ride BMX

So yeah, the annual BMX pilgrimage to hell Las Vegas (otherwise known as Interbike) just went down in case you hadn’t noticed elsewhere. For me, the best part of it all is always seeing friends, meeting new people and talking with everyone. So cheers to that!

Here are the Nora Cup results:
#1 Ramp Rider – Dennis Enarson
#1 Dirt Jumper – Chris Doyle (2nd year in a row)
#1 Flatlander – Moto Sasaki
#1 Street Rider – Garrett Reynolds (58,776 year in a row)
#1 Racer – Marc Willers
Best Video Part – Dennis Enarson in Demolition’s “Last Chance”
Video of the Year – Anthem II (Stew Johnson)

If you wanna OD on bike parts, visit The Union and Ride BMX. For all kinds of Nora Cup stuff (like the photo seen above featuring that handsome devil in the Defgrip shirt), visit Ride BMX. And again, shout out to the Ride BMX crew for organizing Nora year after year.

Til next year!

Disposed: FBM Megatour 10

Joel Barnett was on the latest Mega Tour with the FBM crew and shot a bunch of great photos for a Disposed gallery. Enjoy!

“What happens when you take 11 dudes, put them in a short bus and ship them to Texas? You unmistakeably have an awesome FBM road trip! During the first part of March, the FBM crew of fun-having-bandits, ventured onto Prop’s Mega Tour 10 to shake things up and let the good times do some rolling! We were privileged enough to setup home base in Stew Johnson’s backyard in Austin (thanks again Stew!) and do some freestylin’ around that area of Texas. We had ziplines, airsoft guns, mousetraps, Chief, bottled Coke’s, the pizza/ice cream/taco power trio and some heavy metal jams to keep us stoked along the journey. I managed to snap some disposables of the adventures while off the bike and almost 5 months later, I finally got them developed. Huge thanks to Marco and Props, Steve, Stew, Clint and Matty, Terrell, Keith, Darryl, San Antonio Nick, Corrigan, Joe Rich, the BSD dudes and of course Chief!”


Photogallery: Nike-The POOL

As you may or may not know, the Nike POOL contest went down this weekend in England. The event was held at the soon-to-be demolished Dagenham Swimming Pool which Nike converted into an amazing wooden playground. It looked like quite the feat and I don’t recall hearing the riders say one bad thing about the course.

A lot of the world’s best riders were in the house and the level of riding was unreal. The riding was inspired, dialed, big, smooth and it was a treat watching people find all the lines. I don’t know what it was about this particular contest, but I feel it was THE best contest I’ve ever personally attended. There was a moment towards the end when I recall asking someone “what is going on at this contest?”. I’m sure a lot of people were thinking the same thing, it was just plain good bike riding on another level.

Furthermore, This POOL setup will be open to the public for 30 days after the contest for anyone to enjoy.

Assuming you’ve seen most of the riding and videos on Ride BMX and such, here is my take on the POOL comp as I lurked around for 3 day with my camera. Click below to check out some pics along with some random facts about the contest. Harrison will be handling video duties, so check back in a week or so for that.

Thanks to Nike for bringing Defgrip out and for putting on a successful event.



Photogallery: Out & About w/ Gsport

Yesterday I met up with Dave Thompson, Van Homan, Garrett Reeves, Randy Brown and Andrew Jackson, who are in Cali filming for an upcoming G-Sport Props segment. Stew Johnson was manning the camera and Andrew White was getting all the proper action shots for DIG.

I met up with the dudes at the hotel they were staying at, and then we proceeded to bounce around various spots in L.A. A bunch of good stuff went down.

As always, I snapped some photos throughout the day, so click below to check them out.


Interview: Chris Rye / Props Visual

Props has been a staple in BMX since the early 90’s. Chris Rye and Marco Massei have been documenting all aspects of BMX since way before everything was online the millisecond it happened. Many notable riders have been profiled over the years, as well as local scenes and contests, giving everyone a glimpse into what was going on out there. If you do not have some sort of connection to Props, then perhaps you were just born.

I hit up Chris Rye with all kinds of questions regarding Props, so click below and get into it. It’s a good one.


Photogallery: Fit Trippin 3

The Fit crew recently hit the road From Dallas to Tucson to film for Fit Trippin 3. Tom Perry was part of that crew, and snapped some photos along the way.

Click below to check those out.


Scrapbook 2010: Nuno Oliveira

Since this year is coming to a close, I figured I would post a little gallery of photos that I’ve set aside throughout the year. You may recognize a few of these from previous galleries here, but the majority of these pics are new. As with my personal site, there’s a random mix of stuff in this “scrapbook”. Enjoy!

A big shout out to everyone I know and to every new person I’ve met this year.

Click below to check out the photos.


Photogallery: Anthem 2 Premier

The Anthem 2 premier went down last night in Austin, TX. I think calling this premier a historical BMX event is pretty fair, and judging by all the people on hand and/or who travelled for it, could back that up.

If you were not on hand and read about it all night on Twitter, than you can check out this Photogallery of the night courtesy of Cody Nutter. A big shout out to that dude. Follow him on Twitter and Flickr.

Click below to check out the Photogallery


Anthem / FBM Steadfast Frame

Crandall just sent through info on their upcoming Anthem 2 Steadfast frame. Read on:

Ever since the early 90’s FBM has shared a storied history with Stew Johnson, as friends that lived together, traveled together, and grew up with, in and on BMX. From his days doing Scum clothing, through the release of Home of the Brave, working as a producer for Props, RoadFools and even network television, and now in 2010 as he releases one of the most anticipated sequels in BMX today, Stew’s been a friend a colleague and a role model to us at FBM.

To celebrate Anthem 2’s release, FBM will be doing a limited run of Anthem/FBM Steadfast frames, The Anthem edition Steadfast will come in 20.75″, 21″, 21.5″ in flat black and gloss white, with 14mm drop outs and seat stay brakes. We offer 3/8 drop outs and chain stay brakes are available for pre-orders only. This frame will also feature a slightly smaller 1-1/4″ O.D Top Tube, Overlapped seat stay junction, and with out the integrated seat clamp. The Frame also features chrome die cut Anthem stickers, and a sweet Anthem/Steadfast headbadge! In addition, each frame will include the Anthem 2 Double Disc set, and a Limited Edition Screen Printed Anthem Poster.

Go HERE for more info.

Anthem 2 Trailer / Pre-Order

Yes!! So glad this trailer is finally out. Anthem 2 is coming.

Home of the Brave (Anthem 1) is one of my favorite videos EVER and definitely a classic. It seems like such a different time from when the first one came out, so I’m way stoked to see the 2nd incarnation. You can pre-order (which I’m going to do right after I post this) a deluxe edition with the original Anthem and loads of classics RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!

Peep the ANTHEM BMX site for more info.

Peep the old interview I did with Stew Johnson while we’re on the topic.

Random Fact – I bought the very first Anthem (white VHS tape) from Stew Johnson for 5 bucks at a Christmas Classic race in Ohio. I love that story.

What is your video camera of choice and why?

As of late, I’ve caught random tidbits online and other places about riders/filmers being partial to certain video cameras over others, and thought that this was an interesting topic to explore.

With that said, I have emailed a few (of the many) dudes who are constantly filming bikes with one simple question:
What is your video camera of choice and why?

Click below to check out some answers. Thanks to everyone who made this post possible.


Gross Out!

GROSS OUT!!! Best. Website. Ever.

Here’s Stew Johnson, Myself and Ben Hittle. Photo courtesy of Ride BMX/Google Images.

Click HERE to waste some time and have FUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!

Nike Standby: USA Edit

Here’s the 3rd place edit. Featuring Dennis Enarson, Ty Morrow, Rob Wise & Shane Weston. Filmed by Stew Johnson and Christian Rigal. HOT DAMN!!!

Click below to check that out.


Photogallery: Dean’s Pool Party!

Dean Dickinson’s Pool Party went down yesterday at the Pink Motel in Sun Valley California.

Dean rented out the spot to celebrate his 100th pool and invited a bunch of people to shred and hang. Surprisingly, the invite only warning was adhered to pretty well, as the session was chill and there was no need to turn anyone away. I assumed that half of LA would turn up, but not so.

The setup was pretty wild as the Pink Motel is a functioning Motel with a throwback vibe, that also has an un-operational Diner on the property. The Diner is mainly used for movie/commercial and photo shoots, but serves no actual food. The owner actually opened it up and let me in too. There’s a junkyard on the property and the abandoned pool is in the back lot. It’s a wild scene, but pretty interesting.

I was on hand a shot a few photos throughout the day. Click below to check those out.