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I laughed.

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Photogallery: FBM @ Dew Tour

Steve Crandall and the FBM crew headed to the recent Dew Tour in Maryland, armed with Christian Hewett and his camera. Click below to check out the pics from their trip.

Be sure to check out the edit that goes along with this too.



mark choquette pic

Mike Tag’s recent passing has definitely been a major blow. It’s extremely sad when somebody has to succumb to a disease, and our thoughts are with Mike’s friends and family.

As I stated before… I did not know Mike personally, but there is a weird connection you feel to someone when you grow up watching them in BMX videos and reading about them in magazines. That’s Mike for me since the mid-late 90’s. Through FBM videos and such, Mike was definitely one of those riders that was just always there, in the scene.

This Mike Tag tribute features words from some of his close friends, as well as riders who were influenced by him. I simply asked them to write the first thing that came to mind about Tag. Click below to see what Ryan Corrigan, Steve Crandall, Chris Doyle, John Paul Rogers, Stew Johnson, Bob Scerbo, Van Homan, Brian Tunney & Leland Thurman had to say.

Rest In Peace to Mike Tag.


FBM 2011 Photo Slideshow

Crandall put together a slideshow of pics from 2011. Click below to check it out.


Scrapbook 2011: Nuno Oliveira

Just like last year, I saved up a bunch of my photos to put together a little year end “scrapbook”.

These photos are from various travels and days out and about. I’m always carrying a camera, so there’s a good mix of BMX and assorted randomness in here. Some photos are from previous galleries, but a whole lot more are brand new.

Thanks to anyone who let me snap a pic.

Click below to check them out.



Preview: FBM’s Thousand Yard Stare

Steve Crandall and the FBM crew are at it again with a new one called “Thousand Yard Stare”, which you can check a preview of by clicking below.

But first, some words from the Cran Man!

Some time ago, after various web edits, mixtapes, and road trip video’s, the FBM crew decided to embark on a journey towards our first full feature DVD in a long while…

Minus the equipment, the budget and the resource that many projects require, we relied solely on the character, creativity, and the sheer talent of the guys who make up FBM, and gave it a shot. No hype, no bells and whistles, and not likely to to appeal to the candy fed mainstream, we proudly put together this new video, featured in this preview.

These are the guys that make FBM so unique, It’s an honor to say I am a part of the group, and to be able to share this with everyone. For us, this is BMX, this is how we live it, and like they say, It’s like you are really seeing beyond, when you have been in the shit for so long, you get that look, the Thousand Yard Stare… Enjoy!

– Steve Crandall


Photogallery: Texas Toast Jam

I can best describe Odyssey’s Texas Toast Jam as some sort of large scale local jam/BMX festival. I think the combination of those two sums it up pretty well. There was a pretty standard dirt comp going on, but every thing else was pretty non-standard (but that was the best part). Once people got on site, they knew they were in for an interesting time.

Despite the heat (did you know it was hot in texas?) and windy conditions, I can’t help but feel that this jam was refreshing and just plain fun. I’m pretty sure everyone left with a smile, especially after Mike Aitken’s run. Click through the photogallery to see what I mean.

Click below to check out some pics from the Texas Toast Jam and hit up THIS link for more coverage.


Interview: Chris Rye / Props Visual

Props has been a staple in BMX since the early 90’s. Chris Rye and Marco Massei have been documenting all aspects of BMX since way before everything was online the millisecond it happened. Many notable riders have been profiled over the years, as well as local scenes and contests, giving everyone a glimpse into what was going on out there. If you do not have some sort of connection to Props, then perhaps you were just born.

I hit up Chris Rye with all kinds of questions regarding Props, so click below and get into it. It’s a good one.


Scrapbook 2010: Nuno Oliveira

Since this year is coming to a close, I figured I would post a little gallery of photos that I’ve set aside throughout the year. You may recognize a few of these from previous galleries here, but the majority of these pics are new. As with my personal site, there’s a random mix of stuff in this “scrapbook”. Enjoy!

A big shout out to everyone I know and to every new person I’ve met this year.

Click below to check out the photos.



Soooooo, another year of Interbike has come and gone. You may have already seen a bunch of coverage from the show, but in case you missed anything, go HERE, HERE, or scour BMX FEED.

Besides getting to see and chill with everyone (which is the best part of Interbike), the overall most memorable moment for me/everyone was Chris Doyle winning Dirt Rider of the Year. That dude rules. Seeing Hoder go crazy with Doyle’s Nora Cup was equally as classic, haha…

Click below to check out a video of that, courtesy of Ride BMX.

Shout out to Corey Martinez and United too.


Holeshot Zine #6

Issue 6 of Nick Ferreira‘s Holeshot zine is now available. This issue has  an interview with Miguel Esparza, Las Vegas, Hangn Brain by Matt Gaspar, San Francisco by Kyle Emery-Peck, The Taunton Massachusetts BMX “Team”- Team Shed, Portland Oregon, and Matt Plassman, as well as photos by contributing photographers like Andrew Burton, Steve Crandall, Mike Michaud, Ted Van Orman, Mike Hines, and more. There is also a “Stay Fit” Review by Matt Matteson. To go along with the zine there is also a new Holeshot shirt and you can pick both the zine and the shirt up on the Holeshot site!



If you are in the Virginia area around the 3rd of July, be sure to check out this art show featuring Steve Crandall and Evan Venditti.

Click below for the flyer.


Best of 2008 – Part 1


To round up 2008, we hit up a bunch of our friends and asked them a simple question: Send us us one good thing that stands out from the past twelve months. Thinking back on 2008, it probably won’t be remembered as the best year, but rather than focusing on the negative, we wanted to keep it positive, so check out what everyone had to say! Thanks to everyone who sent stuff in and check back soon for part 2 and possibly part 3! Also, fell free to add your favorite thing of 2008 in the comments!



Steve Crandall sent over this sweet new FBM “Friends and Family Random Edit” web video, along with the following text:

Random Footage of Mickey Marshal, Kenny Horton, Latane, Brian Lee, Rob Tibbs, Evan Venditti, Bob Q, Fisher, Neil Heisse, Chris Hancock, Nick fioretti, KB, and Kie Ashworth….Filmed by Kenny Horton, Brock Gomez, and FBM…. Strictly for the fun of it.

Click below for pic and web edit.


Faces in the Midwest

Crandall shot a bunch of portraits at the recent Mike Tag benefit jam. Some legends up in there!

Check them out HERE on Least Most.