Bad Timing Winter Promo

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Featuring Aaron Smith, Darryl Tocco, Randy Brown, Geoff Slattery, and Tony Hamlin. Guest clips from Ben Hittle and Sean Sexton.

Kink Ghetto Park Edit

Check out this fun edit with Jay Roe and Darryl Tocco at their local ghetto park. Keep an eye out for some Fudger clips as well!

Gabe Brooks Edit / Q&A

When Darryl approached me with idea of hosting a Gabe Brooks Kink edit on here, I said hell yeah! Not only am I aware of Gabe’s abilities, but I know that Darryl wouldn’t put out trash. So here we are.

Speaking of Gabe, one of the lasting impressions of him that will always stick with me, was from the Texas Toast jam. Not only was Gabe taking in all the riding he could, but he also stuck around and helped us break down when most people were gone. I saw him putting tents away, moving stuff and just straight helping anyway he could. Shit like that goes a long way, and didn’t go unnoticed. Even though the Q&A below is pretty gnarly, the dude couldn’t give off a more positive/friendly/appreciative vibe.

Below is a quick Q&A with Gabe that Jay Roe put together.

Gabe Brooks, 24, South Central California.

So you kind of popped back into the scene recently, seemingly out of nowhere. Where were you at and why?
I was incarcerated for murder : )

What type of lifestyle/upbringing and circle of people brought you to the above circumstances?
They Were Gangstas, Dope Dealers and Hustlers!!!

Where did you grow up and what kind of people were you looking up to outside of riding, that kind of lead you down that path?
I grew up smack in the middle of south central Los Angeles and I use to look up to gangstas, pimps and macks!! They were the ones that taught me how to survive. Physically and financially rather.. S/O to sweet tooth.

What brought you back into riding when you got out? Was it something you thought about and missed while away?
The last joe I did, I realized that I couldn’t keep livin the way I did or otherwise, I’ll be in someones cemetery, or locked up for life trying to defend myself and friends.

You seem so focused on riding now, what is it like balancing BMX with the lifestyle you lived outside of it?
It’s weird… Going from trying to take territory, to learning a trick on a bike and channeling my anger on something positive than negative giving me a higher energy. It feels good but odd. I’ve lived 19 years of my life doing stupid shit and I got stupid outcomes.. But that was my life I had to adapt or be weeded out.

One of the first times we hung out, you called someone that answered a cell phone from inside their jail cell. Do you currently have friends and family that are locked up? What’s that like for you and how do you deal with it?
Yeah, I just lost a child hood buddy to the system two moths ago. He has life now for murder. S/O to baby 007. I also have uncles with life and a brother that’s ready to come home after 8 yrs. Life’s been rough and somewhere down the food chain links need to be broken! IT FUCKIN START WITH ME!

I personally feel like you bring a totally fresh and different personality to the Kink family, how is it hanging and riding with the rest of the guys on a daily basis?
They’re just not guys, they’re family. Inspirational riders of people throughout the world, positive individuals, motivators.. I love all of them. They’re my bro’s. And I’ll give anything to ride with them everyday!


Kink in France

More Darryl Tocco goodness! This time, with the Kink dudes in France.

From Kink:
Ben Hittle, Darryl Tocco, Aaron Smith, Clement Carpentier, Roland Pellegrin, and Jay Roe cruising through France, from Paris to Montpellier. Big thanks to Unleaded Distribution.

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco, additional filming by Jay Roe.

RE-UP: Albert Mercado edit

This edit is worthy of a re-post, along with being opened for embedding. So all you dudes with sites, have at it!!

Shout out to Albert, Andre Gonzalez and Darryl Tocco for this one.

Photogallery: Nike-The POOL

As you may or may not know, the Nike POOL contest went down this weekend in England. The event was held at the soon-to-be demolished Dagenham Swimming Pool which Nike converted into an amazing wooden playground. It looked like quite the feat and I don’t recall hearing the riders say one bad thing about the course.

A lot of the world’s best riders were in the house and the level of riding was unreal. The riding was inspired, dialed, big, smooth and it was a treat watching people find all the lines. I don’t know what it was about this particular contest, but I feel it was THE best contest I’ve ever personally attended. There was a moment towards the end when I recall asking someone “what is going on at this contest?”. I’m sure a lot of people were thinking the same thing, it was just plain good bike riding on another level.

Furthermore, This POOL setup will be open to the public for 30 days after the contest for anyone to enjoy.

Assuming you’ve seen most of the riding and videos on Ride BMX and such, here is my take on the POOL comp as I lurked around for 3 day with my camera. Click below to check out some pics along with some random facts about the contest. Harrison will be handling video duties, so check back in a week or so for that.

Thanks to Nike for bringing Defgrip out and for putting on a successful event.



Bad Timing

Here’s a promo from the Bad Timing crew. Featuring Tony Hamlin, Brett Tocco, Geoff Slattery, Darryl Tocco, and Aaron Smith. Real deal right here.

Click below.


Albert Mercado / Defgrip / Kink Edit

Our boy Albert Mercado whipped up this dope edit for us, which I am super stoked on. Albert and I have spoken for a bit about getting him on the site, and I’m happy that the day has come.

Andre Gonzalez filmed, and Darryl Tocco beasted out the edit, so shouts to them.


Kink 2011

New stuff from the Kink dudes via Darryl Tocco.

The Puffins Edit

Check out Tony Hamlin shredding Jersey while his girl films. Sounds like a keeper to me. Gooooood stuff in here.

Filmed by Bri Johnson and edited by Darryl Tocco.

What is your video camera of choice and why?

As of late, I’ve caught random tidbits online and other places about riders/filmers being partial to certain video cameras over others, and thought that this was an interesting topic to explore.

With that said, I have emailed a few (of the many) dudes who are constantly filming bikes with one simple question:
What is your video camera of choice and why?

Click below to check out some answers. Thanks to everyone who made this post possible.


Disposed: Kink on Vancouver Island

So August 18, Myself, Doyle, Darryl Tocco, KC Badger, Lil Jon, Tom Dillon, James Steele, Tenpacks Harley Haskett and Luke Santucci boarded a ferry for a picturesque trip to Vancouver Island. We stayed in Victoria for a few days hitting parks and trails all around the island. We met a ton of cool locals and hit a bunch of shops along the way.

Huge thanks to everyone who let us shred their trail spots, Tenpack for taking us out there and and everyone who made the island an awesome visit.

Jay Roe


Q&A: Andrew Jackson / The BANK

Recently, a new website out of the Los Angeles area called THE BANK dropped. In addition to clothing, the site is focusing on original material with a bunch of people helping out. You can think of it as sort like a window into the Los Angeles scene (but not limited to). The site may not be updated everyday, but quality stuff goes up when it is. They just posted this edit of Kade Gates too.

I’ve only ever spoken to Andrew Jackson about THE BANK, so I threw him some quick questions recently about the site/project.

Click below to check that out.


Photogallery: Dean’s Pool Party!

Dean Dickinson’s Pool Party went down yesterday at the Pink Motel in Sun Valley California.

Dean rented out the spot to celebrate his 100th pool and invited a bunch of people to shred and hang. Surprisingly, the invite only warning was adhered to pretty well, as the session was chill and there was no need to turn anyone away. I assumed that half of LA would turn up, but not so.

The setup was pretty wild as the Pink Motel is a functioning Motel with a throwback vibe, that also has an un-operational Diner on the property. The Diner is mainly used for movie/commercial and photo shoots, but serves no actual food. The owner actually opened it up and let me in too. There’s a junkyard on the property and the abandoned pool is in the back lot. It’s a wild scene, but pretty interesting.

I was on hand a shot a few photos throughout the day. Click below to check those out.


Van Homan Interview


What is there left to say about Van Homan that hasn’t already been said?

Van is easily high up on anyone’s list of favorite riders, has a classic video part that most people are familiar with and is now a business owner with two bike shops. Even though he might have his hands full with new obligations, Van hasn’t really shown any signs of slowing down or falling off. Case in point, he most recently placed 3rd at the X-Games. Much respect to Van Homan.

Check out the Van Homan interview! READ MORE