Q&A: Christian Rigal / BMX-MTB

Photo – Anthony Smith

I’ll start off by saying that I love Christian Rigal’s Still United part. I suggest giving that a watch for sure. Having known Christian as a serious rail slayer has made his recent transition into MTB all the more interesting to me. How did this happen? Either way, I’m stoked that he’s stoked.

Click below for a Q&A with Christian about his transition into MTB. Don’t worry, he’s still stoked on BMX.

Photos courtesy of Trevor Lyden , Anthony Smith and Brandon Means.


Dem Bakery Boyz…

…Keep pumping out good shit. New Red Bull YouTube series on deck with Corey Martinez and more. Get into it.

Roll Call Premiere


Don’t forget, the new Dan’s Comp DVD premieres next Saturday. So if you like watching Devon Smillie, Alex Magallan, Raul Ruiz, Matt Wilhelm, Van Homan,Ben Hucke, Broc Raiford, Terry Adams, Hoang Tran, Seth Kimbrough, Morgan Long, Shane Weston, Tony Hamlin, Trey Jones, Tony Neyer, Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche, Chad Kerley, Chase Dehart, Stevie Churchill and probably some more, than get to The Bakery if you can.

Click below to check out the trailer in case you missed it.


Ride & Seek #2

In this episode, Corey Martinez lures Tony Neyer onto his rolling BMX cavalcade of bad-assery. Plus some other stuff.


Fuck Benetton!

I knew these guys were up to something when they came through Austin.

From Etnies:
Through their collective group of progressive riders, Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams and Geoff Slattery, etnies and United Bike Company joined forces to create an entire line of footwear, apparel and bikes together. The collection mixes in primary colors that tie the apparel’s bright graphics with the footwear’s bright pops of color in the contrast stitching to the spokes of the bikes wheels. This collaboration, with the brands’ riders, comprises the United Colors of etnies.

View Collection HERE.


Brian Kachinsky


Brian Kachinsky destroys a rail and Corey Martinez creates this rad photo for you. Head over to the Primo site to snatch up this goodness for your desktops.

By The Numbers: Ryan Fudger

ryan fudger, by the numbers, defgrip, bmx, ride bmx

We’ve written down 100 random questions and assorted topics, all of which are unbeknownst to our victims. We will be asking people to pick 20 random numbers from 1-100 and then supplying them with those questions/topics to answer. Who knows what might come up!?!?!

This time, we’ve called on Ride BMX’s own Ryan Fudger. Click below to read what he had to say.


United: Touring Japanese

united, touring japanese, edit


見るために下をクリック Nathan Williams, Corey Martinez, Christian Rigal, Ashley Charles & Matsuken 日本で乗って.


On This Date Last Year…

corey martinez, deth kimbrough, the bakery, bmx

We posted Corey and Seth at The Bakery.

Speaking of… new Bakery in the works.

Summer Grind

Quite the collection of footage that the Etnies crew amassed on their summer trip.

Features Aaron Ross, Chase Dehart, Corey Martinez, Tony Hamlin, Tom Dugan, Brian Kachinsky and made enjoyably viewable by Mike Manzoori.

Click below.


Insta-Gallery: Etnies X Cinema in Portland

Over the summer, the etnies and Cinema crews rented an apartment in Portland for 10 days and proceeded to grace the city with their 20″ mastery. The crew consisted of Corey Martinez, Chase Dehart, Tony Neyer, Sean Sexton and Dakota Roche.

Evidence of said 20″ mastery can be SEEN RIGHT HERE.

In addition, we have a gallery of this trip that Povah compiled of Instagram pics from all of the crew. Click below to check that out.


Autophoto: Vincent Perraud

I am not sure why an Autophoto with Vincent Perraud didn’t happen sooner, but here we are finally.

Hailing from France, Vince is no stranger to producing cool images. Everything from film to digital, Vince has a good eye for it. Just scroll through his Tumblr for proof. I’m a fan of Vince’s stuff for sure!

Follow Vince on Instagram: vinceperraud

Click below to check out his Autophoto.


Etnies Fall 2012

Forget Corey and Nathan, the description to this had me at Ryan Sheckler! He’s sooooooooooooooooooooo dreamy!!!!!!

If you can keep your eyes off Ryan Sheckler, you will get a glimpse of Etnies Fall 2012 collection as well as Corey and Nathan in the promo below. Cool stuff.


High & Bound

Here’s the edit to accompany the sweet Disposed we posted a few weeks ago.

Features Corey Martinez, Christian Rigal, Shane Weston, Chester Blacksmith, Geoff Slattery and Iz Pulido.

Print Ad: United

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