I’ve known Crandall for a long time, so it’s kind of strange that it took this long to get him on the site in some sort of personal Q&A form. He’s been featured here a bunch, but never like this. Perhaps I always struggled with how to approach it, thinking that Steve has been well documented and just falsely assuming that people know everything about him. With that said, here we are.

This Q&A is broken up into 4 digestible topics, which feels like a good approach. We discuss Art, Announcing Contests, The FBM bus and FBM.

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Joe Strummer – Coma Girl
Madeline – The Piece That Fits
Modest Mouse – Black Cadillacs
Whiskey & Co. – How I Wish
Chuck Ragan – Congratulations Joe
Dead Low Tide – Shake And Slide
Descendents – My World
Off With Their Heads – Don’t laugh, I’m Totally Serious
Tim Barry – Sorrow Floats
Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear The Reaper




Steve Crandall submitted this rad story on the Fat House, which was a BMX house in Ft Wayne, Indiana many years ago. The Fat House housed many notable riders, and I’m sure there are a million stories about the place. Lots of history!!!

Click HERE to read about the Fat House.

Thanks to Crandall.

Crandall’s Accounts: The Trip



Crandall’s Accounts: Ray’s Pool


Our friend Steve Crandall tells the story of a pool riding session from his recent trip through California. Click below to check it out.

All photos by the Cran-man.



Photographer Travis Mortz is not scared to take numerous cameras to events, especially not frankenstein ones that he has made himself (more on that below)!

We’ve always championed different/original takes on things here at Defgrip, so when Travis mentioned to me that he had polaroids from Swampfest from a camera he made himself that produced interesting images that he was willing to contribute to Defgrip for this this batch of updates, I was all about it.

Click below for some “Frankenstax” pics, along with some words from Travis himself.


Q&A: Chris Hallman / Tread Magazine

tread magazine, chris hallman, defgrip,

It’s very possible that many of you reading this have never heard of Tread Magazine, let alone seen one. But during the mid 90’s, this magazine had a very cult-like following and was very sought after (at least to me and people I knew on the East Coast). It was kind of underground, kind of not, tied to the influential Props era and all around just awesome and interesting. I think it would be fair to liken Tread to the Albion for comparison. Tread only lasted 4 issues, but those issues were enough for it to have a lasting effect on riders from that era.

Inspired by a recent Instagram post, I decided to track down Chris Hallman and ask him some questions about the mag. Click below to read it all.

Shoutout to Chris Hallman and a big thanks to Chris Rye for supplying the images.


Gimme a bottle of anything, and a glazed donut… to go!

This goes out to Steve Crandall. Shoutout to 1986.

Q&A: Will Smyth Discusses DIG’s New Direction

Dig site 2

DIG BMX as you have come to know it is changing. How? Well, after 21 years the actual print magazine has ceased to exist and all energy is being redirected online. This new direction may or may not come as a surprise these days, but it is surely a welcome change.

I have always been a huge fan of DIG and I’ve got my fingers crossed that they can continue doing what they do in digital form. With that said, there is a new site and new staff in place to tackle such changes. As always, I threw Will Smyth (DIG’s editor) some questions about it all. Continue reading and stay tuned to DIG BMX.


Behind The Cover: Dirt Ron / Ride #199

ride bmx, 199, dirt ron, keith mulligan, behind the cover

As soon as I saw this Ride BMX cover and the unusual warped film action, I knew it had a story worth telling. Keith Mulligan came through with a very detailed “Behind The Cover” for us.

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Premiere: Beat Ass


Fraser Byrne hopped on the recent Lords of Fun trip with camera in hand, documenting everything and anything that came along the way. The resulting travelogue is called “Beat Ass”, and I’m stoked to be premiering it here on Defgrip.

Shout out to Steve Crandall, Fraser Byrne and Make Your Bones.

Click below to check it out.


Albion 17


Damn, looks like a goodie!

Video Days – Ben Lewis’ Early Sections
Colts – Justin Henninger
The Greatest – Timmy Theus
Fact or Fiction? – Steven Hamilton
Making Sense Of It All – Ty Morrow
Diamond In The Rough – Gary Young
‘Process not the Paycheque’ – Steve Crandall

The Albion is available for FREE in all good BMX shops in the UK. Subscribe if you live elsewhere.


steve crandall, mike tag, fbm. @crandallfbm

Went and visited the site of our first jumps. This was shot over 20 years ago, Hambone, Mike Tag, @gillysmalls and myself.

– Steve Crandall


Crandall posted this on Instagram today and I couldn’t help but poach it to share here. It’s been a year since Mike Tag has passed, but he is surely not forgotten.

In case you missed it, revisit our “Remembering Mike Tag” feature.

Texas Toast Jam: Assorted Facts & Photos

This years Texas Toast Jam is a wrap. As someone who was involved on the back end of this thing, I can safely claim that it went really well. BMX Heavy hitters came out to our BMX festival and it was truly a good time. Thanks to all that came through and/or supported Toast!

I was running around throughout the jam and couldn’t really shoot photos like last year, but I did manage to pull a few. I did take mental notes about random interesting facts/tidbits regarding Toast as well.

A special special very important shout out to Taj Mihelich, Ryan Corrigan, Burly Matt, Clint Reynolds, Nutter, Will Blount and other volunteers for all their hard work and making the jam a success. Nobody can thank you guys and gals enough.

Hit up the Texas Toast Jam site for all the coverage you can handle.

Click below to check out some pics and to read some interesting tidbits about Texas Toast Jam 2012.