Official Summer Simpel Edit

On 20th of August, tens of thousands of passing spectators on Helsinki main square witnessed the second Stadi Summer Session, summertime edition of Simpel Session, going down to the history books as the biggest BMX contest ever thrown in Finland. The open-air contest brought together 67 top riders from 20 countries, with Gary Young (USA) stealing the show, Alex Coleborn (UK) coming second and Daniel Tünte (GER) taking the third place.

“The event was a big success – the line-up was better than ever before at the Simpel Session’s summer contests, the weather was great despite the worrisome forecasts, and the course was constantly surrounded by a cheering crowd. With BMX legends Darryl Nau and Andy Zeiss as announcers, the whole Helsinki main square was filled with energy, firing up one of the most amazing and inspiring Simpel Session contests so far,” said Risto Kalmre, founder and main organizer of Simpel Session.

If you missed it, be sure to check out the PHOTOGALLERY from this.

Photogallery: Summer Simpel 2011

Summer Simpel Session just went down this past weekend in Helsinki, which I’m sure was a good time.Simpel Session’s usually are.

Risto sent through some cool chill pics courtesy of Julius Konttinen (with a few from Mats Kahlstrom) of the event.

Click below to check out the gallery.


New Era Simpel Session 2011

We worked with New Era to produce a video focusing on some of the athletes at Simpel Session in Estonia this year, interviewing Ben Hennon, Ty Morrow, and Sergio Layos as well as a few skaters. Check it out!


Simpel Session Results

Simpel Session is over. It’s been a dizzying flurry of twitter updates, live feed action and wild riding.

Here you have it in a nutshell:

Drew won, Mad Dog got second and Enarson got third.

Ty Morrow won the bunnyhop comp.

Go to Ride BMX (where I poached the above pic from) for all things Simpel.

Simpel Session Time-Lapse

Here are some time-lapse edits of the Simpel course being built. Looks nuts this year….

Simpel Session New Era Hats

Risto from Simpel Session hooked us up with an exclusive preview of their new New Era hats that are a part of the Simpel Session clothing line. You can pick one up from their online store soon and keep reading to check them out!


Simpel Session Clothing

The Simpel Session contest in Estonia is getting closer (Feb 5-6) and to go along with the contest this year, they have produced a small run of clothing, including a t-shirt (above) designed by Travis Collier. Pick up some shirt on the Simpel Session online store!


Press Release: Simpel Session 2011

We’ve been working hard on the Simpel Session 11 course design, together with our main man Nate Wessel. After last February’s big success, it was difficult to imagine how it could get any better. But with this one, it is clear that Nate has really outdone himself. We can’t believe how amazing it’s going to be!

Meanwhile, the BMX riders list is filling up with great names and is looking like the best ever line-up in Simpel Session history.
In skateboarding, we’re also confirming details with many top guys from all over the world, and will announce more athletes in the beginning of January. It’s going to be a real treat too, and there are still many surprises to come!

Simpel Session 11 festival will go down on 5-6th of February 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia, as one of the first highlight events of the Tallinn European Capital of Culture 2011 program. This means the contest will feature several side events this year, beside the infamous party program, such as BMX and skate film screenings and themed photo exhibition, setting off already on the 2nd of February.

Simpel Session 11 tickets will be internationally on sale starting from January 2nd. For more info, go to

For riders lists, the latest news and updates, check the Simpel Session website or like us at

You can check more angles of the new course design on

PS. The course design is subject to minor changes.

Simpel Session 2011

The time is coming for Simpel Session 2011. Read on for all the info:

It is our great pleasure to announce the 11th coming of Simpel Session, the one true wintertime skate and BMX event that will have everybody in the sport talking for months to come!

Check out our brand new website on, and keep track of all the latest news, fun stuff, offers and additions to the line-up.

The preparations are in full swing, and we are stoked to say the line-up just keeps looking better and better. We have already listed some of our all-time favorite riders and there’s many more to come. In BMX we have the legendary two-time Simpel Session gold medalist Garrett Reynolds, the German rising star Bruno Hoffmann, last years finalist Kevin Kiraly (USA) and bronze medalist Ben Wallace (UK), to name a few. Not to mention all the best Nordic and Baltic BMX street riders that qualified from our Summer Session event in Helsinki. The skate line-up is starting to look neat too – the one and only Canadian pro-skater Chris Haslam has confirmed, as well as our skate champ in 2009, Axel Cruysberghs (BEL), who has healed from his last years accident at SS10 practice, and will be competing this year. There are many surprises to come, so stay tuned and keep an eye on

Simpel Session 11 festival will go down on 5-6th of February 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia, as one of the first highlight events of the Tallinn European Capital of Culture 2011 program. This means the contest will feature several side events this year, beside the infamous party program, such as BMX and skate film screenings and themed photo exhibition, setting off already on the 2nd of February.

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Click HERE to check out a photogallery from last years event.


Vincent Perraud came through with an awesome Simpel Session Photogallery. As far as contest photos go, these are awesome.

Click below.


Simpel Session Winner is…

Congrats to Drew Bezanson for taking the top spot at Simpel Session 2010. I knew that when I first saw Drew ride at the Tunnel Jam, that he would be a problem in the future. This dude is definitely good and deserves it.

Congrats to Maddog and Ben Wallace for taking second and third as well.

Hit up the Ride BMX site for all the results and photos courtesy of Fat Tony.

Simpel Session Live

Simpel Session qualifying is going on right now and you can watch it live… Ride UK also put together a great edit from practice. Check it all out after the jump!


Kevin Kiraly Simpel Session Practice

This is the first of what probably will be hundreds of edits coming out of Estonia from Simpel Session 2010. Will Stroud threw together this quick edit of Kevin Kiraly at practice today and judging from the clips, you know the contest is going to be crazy!


Simpel Session Info

If you keep up on BMX news or even follow BMX dudes on Twitter, than you already know that Simpel Session is this weekend in Estonia.

The Simpel crew sent through the following press release with all the info you need to know. They will be streaming the event live like last year, so keep reading for all you need to know.


Simpel Sessions 2010


Simpel Sessions is going down again this year in Talin, Estonia on February 5-7th. Nuno and I got to go to this contest in 2008 and I was definitely one of the best events I’ve been to. The course is always amazing, the rider list is stacked, and the energy in the crowd is crazy. Keep reading to get all the info and to watch their great 2010 trailer.