Glenn PP Milligan X Brooklyn Projects

If you’re a fan of slow-mo sneaker porn, than this is for you! Glenn put together this shoe promo for his boys at Brooklyn Projects, who have a BP Nike shoe dropping soon. Get in line.


I hit up Glenn Milligan with a few questions about “Writing on The Wall”, the upcoming Nike video featuring Garrett Reynolds, Spinner, Nigel Sylvester and Dennis Enarson.

Click below for that, and the promo.


Ralphy Ramos Base Brooklyn Edit

A bit late on this, but it had to be posted. Ralphy Ramos killing it for his Base Brooklyn edit. Filmed by John Hicks and myself and edited by Glenn PP Milligan, Ralphy has some banger clips from NYC, Barcelona, and the Dominican Republic.

Interview: Edwin De La Rosa

Anytime there's some new Edwin stuff, I automatically want to see it. He is one of my favorite riders, no questions asked. His style and approach to street riding is one to be admired, but hopefully I don't have to tell you that. He is as important to street riding as pegs are.

Needless to say, this interview seems way overdue, but the timing couldn't feel better for me.

Click below to read the Edwin De La Rosa interview.



Haha, this is nuts. Glen PP Milligan just sent this through. Mad respect to dudes doing wheelies on the highway. I just had crazy flashbacks after watching this.

From Glenn:

A few years ago I produced a four wheeler DVD. One of the segments featured people who ride 4 wheelers in NYC. I always wanted to re-edit the section with a better track. So here it is. It was all filmed on a SONY DVX2100, BOLEX 16mm and a really crappy mic. This is real street riding and these dudes are crazy.


What is your video camera of choice and why?

As of late, I’ve caught random tidbits online and other places about riders/filmers being partial to certain video cameras over others, and thought that this was an interesting topic to explore.

With that said, I have emailed a few (of the many) dudes who are constantly filming bikes with one simple question:
What is your video camera of choice and why?

Click below to check out some answers. Thanks to everyone who made this post possible.



About a month ago Nigel Sylvester kicked off FU-LETSRIDE. Basically, the idea was to get some cool events going in the NYC area. The first event was a game of B.I.K.E. with 8 riders: Nigel, Tyrone Williams, Dominic Biro, Bradd Simms, Jared Washington, Oba Stanley, Ralph Bury, and Ralphy Ramos. It took place at and in 8 Bond street studios, the same place where Nigel had his Birthday party later that night.

Here are the first 4 matches from the game. More to come tomorrow.

-Glenn PP Milligan

Click below for round 3 & 4.


Random Twitvid: Ryan Biz Jordan

First try! – via @glennppmilligan

Photogallery: Dah Rail Jam

Dah Shop put on a rail jam in New York over the weekend. I headed up there  to hang out and shot a few photos, so keep reading to check out a gallery from the jam!



The internet tends to have a very “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” aspect to it and lot of good stuff disappears rather quick. At least I think so.

Well, here’s your chance to slow down a bit and revisit some assorted edits that have been posted on here/emailed in or accumulated within the last month or so. Perhaps you might have even missed one or two.



Nigel Sylvester: The Morning Episode

Click below to check out the 2nd installment of Nigel’s Go All Day series produced by Glenn PP.

This one is the Morning Episode and Tyrone makes guest appearance.


Nigel Sylvester Go All Day part 1

The first video out of a three part series with Nigel Sylvester and Gatorade went live today. The first video is really dope and I’m excited to see the rest of the series. Cruising around NY with your friends, partying with hot girls, and helicopters. That’s what’s up!


Animal Cuts Premier Photogallery

We hit up the Animal Bikes premier for their new video Clips last night in Brooklyn. The turn out was amazing, the video blew everyone a way and the party was going off and we snapped a bunch of photos throughout the night, so check them out!



Double P (Glenn Milligan) sent through the first Cardinal edit.

Check it out HERE.


Chris Noble has launched Level Mag online. Have a look around.

With the following list of contributors, there should be some rad stuff coming:
Tom Oldham
Andy Jenkins
Andy Mueller
Jared Souney
Kevin Wilkins
Lee Basford
Roy Christopher
Campbell Milligan
Mark Noble
Johann Chan
Milan Spasic
Percy Dean
Eric Anthony
Sandy Carson
Neil Shrubb