Major Buzz Surrounding Kevin Porter

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Buzz. Coffee. GET IT!! I had to recycle this headline, sorry.

Anyway…. Kevin Porter has recently switched things up. He has made the move back home to Chicago and took up a new riding/working gig with Bow Truss Coffee Roasters.

I asked Kevin some questions about all this (along with some random ones), so click below to check them out.

Thanks to David Leep for the photos.


Kevin Porter

Out and about in Long Beach, CA.

January 2012.

Kevin Porter

Whenever I think of Kevin Porter, I think of coffee. His style also comes to mind. This chill little theBLKLST/QUINTIN edit shows Kevin both drinking coffee and showing off his style. NIIIIICE!


5X5: Kevin Porter

Kevin Porter takes a break to give five answers about five topics. Check it out after the jump.


Kevin Porter

Our boy Andrew Brady cooked up this edit of Kevin Porter for Empire. I think this edit represents Kevin’s style really well. Enjoy!

In addition, TCU actually has a pretty good interview with Kevin too.


I’m really only posting this so I could run that witty post title, but word all over the net is that KP is now sponsored by Intelligentsia Coffee. I have tried said coffee, and can vouch that it is indeed very good. Congrats to KP.

If you missed my Q&A with Kevin regarding his Coffee shop, check that out HERE.

Q&A: KEVIN PORTER & De•li•cious

Kevin Porter recently opened up a coffee shop in Chicago with his wife Chelsea, named De•li•cious Café.

I was stoked and intrigued when I heard about this venture, as it is a departure from the predictable bike shop that you would expect a pro rider to open. Hence, I asked KP some questions about it.

Click below to check it out.

Thanks to David Leep for the pics.


Q&A: Joe Rich VS. Thomas Williams

joe rich, tom williams, empire bmx, terrible one, interview, defgrp

I’m happy to present you with the 4th installment in our “VS.” series.

The idea for this series is basically to do an ongoing interview of sorts, where the previous interviewee goes on to interview someone of their choosing. Previously, Jay Roe interviewed Joe Rich, and now Joe has chosen to interview Empire’s Tom Williams.

Click below and Enjoy!


By The Numbers: Brian Kachinsky

brian kachinsky, andrew brady pic, defgrip, bmx, chicago, interview

We’ve written down 100 random questions and assorted topics, all of which are unbeknownst to our victims. We will be asking people to pick 20 random numbers from 1-100 and then supplying them with those questions/topics to answer. Who knows what might come up!?!?!

Up next is Chicago’s own Master Baker, Brian Kachinsky.


Empire: Argentina Vacation

I’m pretty sure Tom and Tina decided on Argentina as a destination because Argentina has “Tina” in it, and Tina wears the pants at Empire. That may or may not be how it went down, but Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Kevin Porter and Devon Hutchins for SURE went to Argentina and filmed it.

Smoking The Bowl

Here’s your first look at Empire’s new ramp setup.

Thanks to Ryan Corrigan, James Nutter, Clint Reynolds, and other helpful hands, the Empire BMX bowl has been rebuilt after our move to a new location one year ago. here’s a little fun jam we held one night after work, we hope you enjoy!

riders: Mat Roe, Kyle Davenport, Andy Martinez, Hanson Little, Joseph Frans, Danny Hickerson, Chase Hawk, Kevin Porter, Tony Cardona, Tommy Dugan

filmed by Ryan Navazio and Joe Simon

edited by Joe Simon

Scrapbook 2011: Nuno Oliveira

Just like last year, I saved up a bunch of my photos to put together a little year end “scrapbook”.

These photos are from various travels and days out and about. I’m always carrying a camera, so there’s a good mix of BMX and assorted randomness in here. Some photos are from previous galleries, but a whole lot more are brand new.

Thanks to anyone who let me snap a pic.

Click below to check them out.



Quintin / Intelligentsia

Quintin has teamed up with Intelligentsia coffee for a most unlikely collaboration, curated by BMX’s own Kevin Porter.

The Quintin/Intelligentsia hat can be found here and here.

So now you can buy hats at Intelligentsia, and soon you’ll be able to buy Intelligentsia coffee from Quintin. What a world we are living in.

The story can be found here.

Corey Martinez @ Random


New Empire Team Rider is…

Click below.