Jared Souney Autophoto

We are super excited to present an Autophoto with Portland based photographer Jared Souney. Jared sent over a great mix of old and new BMX shots as well as some great lifestyle and point and shoot photos.



Click below to check out some random iPhone photos from Jared Souney.


Jared Souney Interview

Jared Souney Graphic Design Photography

The Come Up has a rad interview with Photographer and Graphic Designer Jared Souney covering everything from the magazine/web debate to twitter.

Check out the interview here.


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On the strength of Jared Souney’s Tweets, I will most likely hit up Sweetpea Bakery whenever I visit Portland. I will also one day coax him out of his Contax T2, haha…

While we are on the topic, Jared has just re-launched his portfolio site which is nice, clean and fun to look around. Photography and design work aplenty!

Check it out HERE.

Q&A: Ben Hucke Art

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Anyone who follows Ben Hucke on Instagram will surely have noticed all the artwork he’s been posting. I noticed! So I threw some questions his way.

Click below to read up.


BY THE NUMBERS: Shad Johnson

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We’ve written down 100 random questions and assorted topics, all of which are unbeknownst to our victims. We will be asking people to pick 20 random numbers from 1-100 and then supplying them with those questions/topics to answer. Who knows what might come up!?!?!

Up next, Portland's own Shad Johnson.


Trailer: You Won’t (100 Pools Book)

A trailer for a book? You bet, it’s 2011!!!!! Here’s one for Dean’s 100 Pools book. This has been a long time in the making, can’t wait to see it.

Dean Dickinson has broken his body, his bike, his bank account, and various laws in a quest to reach his personal goal of riding 100 pools. The title of his book—YOU WON’T—is a challenge laid down by some of Dean’s doubters. The reality is—Dean did it, and this project documents it all.

10 years of poached and permission pools are captured with hundreds of amazing images from iconic BMX photographers—Jared Souney, Justin Kosman, Jeff Zielinski, Ryan Fudger, Shad Johnson, and more. The stories pack 20 chapters and 200 pages. Eyewitness accounts with riders include such as Dakota Roche, Mike Tokumoto, Sean “Fish” Hoskins, Spencer and Austin McCabe, Chester Blacksmith, Brian Martyn, Kurt Rasmussen and countless others. Dean’s journey culminates with an epic session with all his friends at the iconic Pink Motel pool. The editorial team on the project includes Dickinson, Jared Souney, Mike Daily, and Mark Lewman. Presented by TEAM SHRALP. Dedicated to James Schiefelbein. Book coming soon!

-Dean Dickinson

Aaron Draplin Interview

Jared Souney recently produced this video of esteemed graphic designer Aaron Draplin for YoBeat Magazine and it’s must see. Though he primarily talks about snowboarding through part one of this two part feature, there are some interesting parallels between the two industries and Draplin’s colorful personality keeps it entertaining the whole way though.

Mt. Baldy T-Shirt


“No logos or brand name bullshit on this one. Just a picture of god damn icon.” Designer and photographer Jared Souney put together a limited run t-shirt for the holidays featuring a great photo of the iconic Mt. Baldy full pipe. You can pick up the shirt for $15 on the Yobeat online store and read up about the shirt on Jared’s blog. You can also check out the shirt after the jump.



Chris Noble has launched Level Mag online. Have a look around.

With the following list of contributors, there should be some rad stuff coming:
Tom Oldham
Andy Jenkins
Andy Mueller
Jared Souney
Kevin Wilkins
Lee Basford
Roy Christopher
Campbell Milligan
Mark Noble
Johann Chan
Milan Spasic
Percy Dean
Eric Anthony
Sandy Carson
Neil Shrubb


Jared Souney has posted a bunch of pics from Dean’s recent jam, which you can check out HERE.

I don’t know about you, but that no foot can-can pool carve looks way scary.


Conversation: Shad Johnson, Owner Goods BMX from Souney Media on Vimeo.

Jared Souney put together this little bio on Shad Johnson. Check it out.

via- @jaredsouney


Jared Souney has posted some pics and a write up about the OS reunion that took place at Woodward West this weekend, which looked and tweeted like a good time.

Check that out HERE, and click below to check out Jim Bauer and Rooftop trying to backflip a sidehack, plus some Flickr vids via Smoovebert. Here’s another first, embedding Flickr video.



nine-ninety bmx magazine zine

Jared Souney just posted a PDF of a one-off magazine that he put together with Brian Tunney sometime around 1998 titled Nine-Ninety. It’s pretty crazy to check out all the photos and see how many dudes are not riding any more or they are just people I’ve never heard of. I wonder if one day, we are going to be re-publishing our blogs and reminiscing about how rad websites were like how people talk about zines today… hmmm…..

Check out Souney and Tunney’s magazine here.