Huy Doan @ Random


Huy Doan @ Random


Huy Doan @ Random

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Photographer Huy Doan sent through a bunch of options for this @Random, so I’m running with a few of them at once this time. Huy has shot professionally with some amazing people, so be sure to browse his SITE. Enjoy!


Part 3: What is Your Camera Setup of Choice and Why?

Here is part 3 of our “What is your Camera Setup of Choice and Why?” features. Here is Part one and two if you missed them.

Again, each photographer was asked:

What is Your Camera Setup of Choice and Why?

Click below to see what Ricky Adam, Jeff Allen, Scott Marceau, Tristan Afre, Huy Doan, Sandy Carson, Joe Cox, Kevin Conners, Nathan Beddows and Jason Eichhorst had to say.


BMX Tumblrs

Lately, it seems as if more and more people are setting up Tumblr pages within BMX. This is a good thing in my book. Anytime you can get a glimpse or behind-the-scenes view into someones life or personality is always a good thing (in most cases, haha…).

For those who are unfamiliar, Tumblr can be used as a blog, journal and/or a place to post photos and videos. For example, I use my Tumblr to auto update whenever I post something to my actual photo blog, which is a pretty useful feature and allows me to get my stuff out there a bit more. Someone might not check my personal site, but they will still see my stuff if I’m one of the people they are following on Tumblr (win/win). The “auto-update” feature gets sketchy at times and stops working, but ultimately it’s pretty cool.

A popular function of Tumblr is “re-blogging”, which is what a lot of sites on there are based around. If you like surfing for example, someone out there is “re-blogging” a million surf related photos for you to eyeball.Too much of this gets old quick, but there are some great ones out there depending on your interests.

Ultimately, Tumblr is cool, but I am still  deciding how I feel about it. THIS The Hundreds post has a good viewpoint on it all, which I agree with. I’d always prefer someone have their own  site, but I can understand if that is not feasible. Tumblr is easy, free and kinda sits in between an actual site and Twitter. You can email photos straight to it and there are a whole bunch of “themes” you can pick for your page. It’s up to you to make it what it is.

ALSO, please do yourself a favor and use a Tumblr page over a blogger/blogspot setup.

Below you will find a non-categorized list of BMX related Tumblrs from all kinds of notable people, which I have accumulated over a little while. I’m sure there are more  that I don’t know about, or more will pop up, so we will probably update this thing in a few months. Feel free to chime in in the comments.



Hucke & Crooks: Summer Time

Ben Hucke teamed up with Huy Doan and Aaron Nardi for this chill little Crooks & Castles edit. Summer Time!

Click below to check it out.


KP / Theus California Dreamin

Our boy Huy Doan sent through this chill edit he whipped up of Kevin Porter and Timmy Theus.

Ben Hucke / Crooks & Castles / Q&A

The stars must have aligned or all this Ben Hucke press was all part of a master plan, haha…

In completely unexpected but awesome news, Ben will be riding for street label Crooks and Castles. Check their post HERE.

I hit up Ben with a few quick question about this, so click below to check that out.