Holeshot Issue 9 Pre-Order

The FINAL Holeshot is now available for pre-order HERE.

Nick put together a cool box kit which includes:
BMX Bikes Wanted – Nick Ferreira
Lively Visions – Blazeguard
Fall River – Vinny Martin
Untitled – Jake Honesto
Uncle Buck – Matt Gaspar
10 Photographs – Kyle Emery-Peck
Hyde Pride – Andrew Burton
Suburban Shred II or Holyshit DVD-R
Over The Bars sticker
Club Portuguese Homeboy sticker
Vintage Odyssey cap (be creative)

Watch the video above, then go HERE to pick one up.

The Last Holeshot

Help kickstart the last issue of Holeshot.

To keep our approach fresh, issue 9 will be a box set of zines and materials produced by Holeshot’s main contributors and friends. Since its beginning, Holeshot has generally taken the form of a normal 5.5″x8.5″ zine format. To celebrate the end of the zine though, issue 9 will be a box set of zines and materials from Holeshot’s contributors and friends. Included in each box set will be a multitude of zines, photographs, DVD-R, and BMX ephemera. Our working edition is 250. The end result will be a box that resembles a book that can be shelved. Currently, our contributors and their respective projects are:

Andrew Burton Hyde Pride Zine – Interviews, photos, and more relating the to great skatepark located in Hyde Park, Massachusetts.
Chester Jones – Blazeguard
Kyle Emery-Peck – set of 10 color and black and white 4×6 photographs
Jake Honesto – Bears
Matt Gaspar – Hangn Brain 2 – Holeshot’s funniest contributor. Responsible for the famed Hank Hill bikecheck, Beetlejuice Trail Digger drawing, Evolution of Osiris D3’s article.
Vinny Martin – North Park
Nick Ferreira – TBD
and more to be disclosed

There will be no advertising in Issue 9. Instead we are hoping that our readers and prospective advertisers can help us reach a modest goal of $500 to cover some of printing, packaging, and shipping costs. If you have already subscribed, this issue will be sent to you free of charge. Do not feel obligated to donate, unless of course the spirit moves you. All backers will receive a gift. You can see all of those details at the Kickstarter page.

Holeshot 8

A little late on this, but I’ve been away.

Nick sent through info on the next Holeshot, which you can pre-order now. You can check out the promotional tool on Least Most HERE.

Seems like Nick is closing down shop after issue 9. Zine lovers stock up!!

Holeshot Zine #6

Issue 6 of Nick Ferreira‘s Holeshot zine is now available. This issue has  an interview with Miguel Esparza, Las Vegas, Hangn Brain by Matt Gaspar, San Francisco by Kyle Emery-Peck, The Taunton Massachusetts BMX “Team”- Team Shed, Portland Oregon, and Matt Plassman, as well as photos by contributing photographers like Andrew Burton, Steve Crandall, Mike Michaud, Ted Van Orman, Mike Hines, and more. There is also a “Stay Fit” Review by Matt Matteson. To go along with the zine there is also a new Holeshot shirt and you can pick both the zine and the shirt up on the Holeshot site!



Nick has uploaded some pics of a box with a whole bunch of new Holeshot issues onto his Flickr page, which leads me to believe that a new issue is available, and IT IS.

Also, check out Harrison’s Q&A with Nick HERE, if you haven’t seen it yet.


Nick Ferreira. The dude behind Holeshot zine (R.I.P.) and currently Challenger BMX magazine. He’s been putting out printed BMX goodness for a long time. Knowing this, I started wondering what printed goods get him stoked or inspire him, so I hit him up to find out.

Click below to check out a few zines/magazines that Nick is into, along with some words about each one from the man himself.


BFF New York Grands

click to enlarge

The Last People present the BFF New York Grands

June 26 4:30pm

A BMX race, New York City style.
Get back to the roots of BMX with a race through the streets of the city, battling your friends to the finish. Bump elbows for the holeshot, from the starting point along the East River at 23rd Street. Navigate your way to two undisclosed checkpoints where you will have to roast an obstacle of some kind. Then sprint your way to the finish line at the Bicycle Film Festival street party. Then, catch your breath, sit back and enjoy the BMX screenings.

Top 10 finishers get free entry to the screenings, and will be awarded some awesome prizes from Quintin, FBM, Sunday, Terrible One, Dig, Anthem, Act Like You Know, Franchise, Post, and some of BFF’s sponsors including a pizza from Two Boots. Awards will be announced inside the theater (Anthology Film Archives) at 6:00 pm. Be ready to shred!

Part 2: What is Your Camera Setup of Choice and Why?

A little while ago we posted Part 1 of this camera feature, and now, a whole new batch of names were pulled out of a hat for Part 2.

Again, each photographer was asked:

What is Your Camera Setup of Choice and Why?

Click below to see what Justin Kosman, Tommy Blanco, Vincent Perraud, Jon Stars, Ryan Fudger, David Lang, Kyle Emery-Peck, Cody Nutter, George Marshall and Joey Cobbs had to say.


Q&A: Daniel Benson / The Albion

In January of this year, news of a new UK based magazine called The Albion dropped.

There hasn’t been too much info regarding the nitty-gritty, so I recently threw some questions at Daniel Benson about it all. Click below to check that out.


Q&A: Nick Ferreira / Amigos Shop

Nick Ferreira and his lady Kerry recently opened up Amigos Shop in Providence, RI (in addition to Amigos Publishing). Amigos shop will sell Zines, Art, Books etc…

I threw some questions at them about it all, so click below to check that out.


Interview: Brian Tunney

Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s the second, but whatever…

We’re happy to bring you our first interview of 2011, with our first victim being Brian Tunney. As you may or may not know, Tunney has been involved in many aspects of the BMX industry. From rider to blogger, Tunney’s been there. So to kick off the year, I asked Brian a little about all these things. Tunney’s awesome.

Click below to read the interview.


Gary Ellis!

Nick sent through the latest Holeshot shirt featuring Gary Ellis. Pick it up HERE, along with other holeshot goodies.

Riders ready, watch the lights, GO!!

Hole Shot Issue 7

Hole Shot zine issue 7 is out and ready for you to order! The new issue is 56 pages and B&W digitally offset printed. You can pick up the zine on the Hole Shot site, or just pick up a new Hole Shot t-shirt because every t-shirt comes with a free zine!


Hole Shot Issue 6

When I returned from New York, the new issue of Hole Shot zine was happily waiting for me at my desk.  The sixth installment of Hole Shot is dope and the zine continues to get better and better each issue. With a great cover photo by Kyle Emery-Peck, a one sentence Fit Life review, and the price of a mere $5, everyone should pick one up!


Derek Adams in PDN

Derek Adams and one other unidentified rider recently had some photos of themselves featured in PDN magazine.

Click below to read Derek’s accounts of the day.