Through My Eyes with Edwin DeLaRosa

Edwin has his first solo photo show in New York next week with Red Bull. The show will run from Jan 11-17th and the opening reception will be Thursday Jan 13th from 8pm-3am. Keep reading for the flyer and all the info and we’ll see you there! (via TCU)



David Gravette. Pro skater, but also likes to hop on a bike. We hit him up to learn more about his BMX side.

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Crandall’s Accounts: The Trip



This is why I love the Internet

Thanks to Edwin for posting this on his instagram and keep reading to check out some real shit.


Anything Lookbook by Edwin


aNYthing has a new lookbook out with the photos shot by Edwin. There are definitely some dope pieces in this collection.

Click below to check out the rest of the line.


Lookbook: Animal BTS Softgoods 2013

As in years past, Edwin De La Rosa and the Animal crew hit the streets to shoot another lookbook for the site. Click below to check out their Back To School softgoods for 2013, which are available now. Video courtesy of Navaz.

Shout out to Edwin, Jay and the dudes for hooking it up.


Perspective 001 – Edwin De La Rosa

No words. Except FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!

S/O to the DIGGEST crew. More HERE.

James Cox’s Favorite Video Parts

james cox, defgrip, favorite video parts

James Cox knows a thing or two about producing videos. Follow those links for a refresher.

Someone like James is bound to have videos/video parts that they cherish from their years in BMX, so I got in touch with him to find out what they are and to hear what he had to say about each.

Click below.


Imprint Project – London

imprint, london, george marshall, edwin de la rosa, ricky adam, walter pieringer, jeff zielinski

The traveling photo gallery known as the Imprint project (Through Quintin & Breaks Mag) comes to London this week, and features work from the following:

Walter Peringer
Walter Peringer is a photographer based in Austin, TX. He has completed commercial and editorial assignments on six continents and in more than two dozen countries across the globe. His BMX photographs can be seen
in Ride Uk.

George Marshall
George Marshall is a London based freelance photographer and associate editor of The Albion BMX magazine. In 2006 he graduated with a masters in photography from the University of Nottingham and as an undergraduate exchange student he studied photography at the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA. George is definitely one of those photographers with The Eye: he gets in there, figures out the shot, takes care of it, and it always comes out a treat.

Ricky Adam
Ricky Adam likes to shoot photos. His current employment at Dig BMX requires him to shoot photos of BMX, but he takes his photography much further beyond the realm of technically accurate BMX riding to capture the reality of life.

Jeff Zielinski
Finding the best new spot to ride for the most epic tricks to be photographed, lies Jeff Z. Part human navigational system and part photographic visionary, he is the go to guy if you want to shoot some polished BMX photos. You can call him obsessive, crazy, over-prepared, or just call him the Associate Editor/Photo Editor at Ride BMX.

Edwin Delarosa
Edwin DeLarosa is a professional BMX rider turned photographer who has uninhibited eye for the streets. His images capture the life around him and the energy of NYC

Opening Info

31st January (RSVP Essential)

Exposure Gallery
22-23 Little Portland Street

Edwin De La Rosa: 2012

It should be clear by now that we’re fans of Edwin De La Rosa around here. With that said, our boy hooked up a handful of photos that he shot throughout 2012 for a gallery. These photos play out like a cruise through New York with other various moments sprinkled in. Thanks Ed!

Click below to check out the gallery.


Quintin Imprint Project tees

Quintin has released five tee shirts featuring the photographs of the five guys featured in the Quintin / Defgrip Imprint Project shows.

Pictured above is the Jeff Zielinski tee. Click below to see the tees featuring photos by Edwin DeLarosa, Walter Pieringer, Ricky Adam and George Marshall. Better yet, check them out in the Quintin online store.


Defgrip / Quintin Imprint Project – Venice

The Quintin Imprint Project‘s first stop went down in Venice a couple of days ago at the DTA shop. Check out some more photos here, the video here.

Thanks Edwin DeLarosa, George Marshall, Jeff Z, Walter Pieringer, Ricky Adam, Quintin, DTA, and everyone who came and drank Tecates!

Come see installment #2 at the Toast Jam.

Quintin Imprint Project

Defgrip is proud to team up with Quintin on the Imprint Project — a traveling gallery of black and white photographs exhibiting the global BMX lifestyle. Featured photographers are George Marshall, Ricky Adam, Edwin DeLarosa, Jeff Zielinski and Walter Pieringer.

Those of you in the Los Angeles area, please come join us for the opening reception at the DTA store in Venice, this coming Tuesday, September 25, from 6pm to 10pm.

Click below for flyer.


Will Stroud’s Favorite Video Parts

walter pieringer pic

Will Stroud has been putting in work behind a video camera for many years now. He’s a staple in our scene and an absolute professional. I know because I’ve dealt with him first hand. He even provided me with direct links to each video part for this feature for crying out loud. Professional.

Anyway, instead of picking Will’s brain about video cameras and videography, I decided to find out what some of his all time favorite BMX videos & video parts are from a fan/viewer standpoint.

Click below to check that out.


Animal Spring Summer 2012 Lookbook

Animal hit us with another great lookbook shot by Edwin De La Rosa. Keep reading to check out all the photos!