Dean Dickinson loves pools! Its true. With that said, he’s readying a new pool based short film that he’s been shooting on Super 8 film, which will be online early 2020. I’ll let the man himself break it down:

PSA: Pool Service Announcement is a pool riding narritive short all shot on Super 8mm Film. For the past year and a half I’ve been riding, traveling, and documenting pool riding/skating in its natural form. Not just the riding but the entire pool riding experience is showcased in this film. Portland, Seattle, LA, Phoenix, and Sydney are a few of the featured cities. 

Riders: Andrew Lazaruk, Benn Pigot, Trent Rowsell, Jessy/Allan Twins, Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla, Rick Thorne, myself, & more! 

Skaters: Jamie Jacobson, Nick Peterson, Frank Richardson, Kevin Kowalski, Peacock, & more! 

Click below for some pics from the Australia mission.



Dean Dickinson was the subject in the last Behind The Photo feature here, so it only makes sense that he’s the shooter behind this one. Click below for the deets on this Corey Walsh pic.


Dean Dickinson & The Nude Bowl

NUDE BOWL, dean dickinson, defgrip

“Dean Dickinson” and “pools” are basically synonymous with each other. Proof and Proof. When I saw that he recently rode the historic Nude Bowl, I had to hit him up about it.

Click below for a Q&A and some cool photos from Dean himself.


Dean Dickinson @ Random


Autophoto: Dean Dickinson

Portland’s pool shralpin’ Dean Dickinson provides us with our latest Autophoto.

Click below to check it out.


Dean’s Pool Party in Props

P.P.P… Check out Prop’s segment on Dean Dickinson’s Pool Party hosted by Jimmy Levan and make sure to re-visit Nuno’s photos from the session. That looked like such a fun day! (via TCU)


Photogallery: Dean’s Pool Party!

Dean Dickinson’s Pool Party went down yesterday at the Pink Motel in Sun Valley California.

Dean rented out the spot to celebrate his 100th pool and invited a bunch of people to shred and hang. Surprisingly, the invite only warning was adhered to pretty well, as the session was chill and there was no need to turn anyone away. I assumed that half of LA would turn up, but not so.

The setup was pretty wild as the Pink Motel is a functioning Motel with a throwback vibe, that also has an un-operational Diner on the property. The Diner is mainly used for movie/commercial and photo shoots, but serves no actual food. The owner actually opened it up and let me in too. There’s a junkyard on the property and the abandoned pool is in the back lot. It’s a wild scene, but pretty interesting.

I was on hand a shot a few photos throughout the day. Click below to check those out.


Behind The Photo w/ Justin Kosman

Justin Kosman with the deets behind this rad photo of Dean Dickinson.

Click below to read.


Jeremy Pavia @ Random

robbie nelson, jeremy pavia photo, bmx

I had the chance to meet and spend a day riding with Robbie Nelson a few months back while on a mission to cruise and shoot with fellow Bone Deth riders Dean Dickinson and Dirt Ron. We rode a few parks, had a session at an amazing pool, and then Robbie ended the day with this roof drop. For those of you that aren’t familiar with him, Robbie is a part of the flow team and obviously earned his stripes by handling set-ups like this without hesitation. It’s always good to see that raw East Coast style that the Bone Deth squad is so well known for be represented out here in California. It’s also not often that riders want to end their day by jumping off rooftops but hey, Robbie does his own thing and isn’t that what this “freestyle” shit is all about in the first place?

Robbie Nelson
Roof drop
Oceanside, California

ISO 640
Fuji X-100S
SanDisk Ultra 32GB memory card
Edited on a Macbook Pro
Using Adobe Lightoom & Photoshop CC 2015

Jeremy Pavia

Q&A: Will Smyth Discusses DIG’s New Direction

Dig site 2

DIG BMX as you have come to know it is changing. How? Well, after 21 years the actual print magazine has ceased to exist and all energy is being redirected online. This new direction may or may not come as a surprise these days, but it is surely a welcome change.

I have always been a huge fan of DIG and I’ve got my fingers crossed that they can continue doing what they do in digital form. With that said, there is a new site and new staff in place to tackle such changes. As always, I threw Will Smyth (DIG’s editor) some questions about it all. Continue reading and stay tuned to DIG BMX.


Behind The Cover: Dirt Ron / Ride #199

ride bmx, 199, dirt ron, keith mulligan, behind the cover

As soon as I saw this Ride BMX cover and the unusual warped film action, I knew it had a story worth telling. Keith Mulligan came through with a very detailed “Behind The Cover” for us.

Click below to read up on it.


Killed By Bone Deth

You probably saw the photogallery last week which warmed you up for this, and now you can watch the action. Get Bone Deth'd.

Edited by Dean Dickinson.


DISPOSED: Killed By Bone Deth

bone deth, killed by bone deth, trip, bmx, photosgallery

Welcome to the first Defgrip Bone Deth Disposed feature, as shot by Dean Dickinson. As you would expect, there is plenty of interesting and unique scenarios in this one. Check back soon for an edit from this trip as well. Enjoy!

From Sean Burns:
Expose your salty tickle holes and dispose the rest. The KILLED BY BONE DETH TOUR seen from the snaps of Dean Dickinson. The internet may be a social disease but it treats BMX as a big fat media bomb. So here you are, explode yourself a sneak of what life is like on the road with the Bone Deth deadman team. Soon enough you can see some video action of the tour. Maybe not the full hammered scenarios… that's too weird and wild for BMX internet? That stuff will be saved for our DVD that's in the works. We try to avoid the noid of larger cities and wealthy areas, that's why we spent a lot of time in Bethlehem PA. Slugged out, beat up, old timey, full of trash, glass and broken homes. In some sense we just want everything to be filthy, ROTTEN, dirty. One mans Trash is another deadmans treasure. The tour featured weirdos such as Colt Fake, Albie Bennett, Dirt Ron, Party Management, Lee Hopkins, Waffle, Chris Crawford, Kert Petersel, Dean Dickinson, and myself.

Click below for pics.



Navaz has gone and uploaded Left/Right to the internets. This is one of Navaz’s many excellent videos and if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re probably into curling, work at Midieval Times, have bought a Kim Kardashian perfume, reenact Star Wars scenes, have a favorite cast member of the Real Housewives of Orange County, watched the Royal wedding, were just born or are a CREED fan. Navaz can do no wrong.

In addition, Navaz went above and beyond and wrote up a bunch of great info about the video. Read below.

From Navaz:
Left/Right was released in March 2007. It was an interesting time to be releasing a DVD because web videos were just starting to become more common and thecomeup was gaining more momentum. People were just starting to use HD cameras to film BMX, and even at that time I can remember being told that DVD’s were dying and it wasn’t likely that I would sell very many copies. I wasn’t necessarily as interested in selling tons of copies as I was in using the video to promote both the riders and my work. For me the goal was to make back what I spent and essentially make a name for myself so that I could hopefully continue to make BMX videos full time. It was promoted almost entirely by word of mouth, and with a few good reviews in magazines. It actually ended up doing pretty well with help from S&M distributing it on the west coast and Animal on the east coast.

A few people have asked the significance of the name Left/Right. Prior to Left/Right, Standpoint was a video magazine and each issue was numbered up to issue 6. Left/Right initially started out as Standpoint 7 but I wanted to move away from the video magazine side of things because releasing “issues” by number seemed to devalue the videos. Finding a proper name for the video would help ensure that it had a longer shelf life. I wanted a name that was descriptive of the content in the video and spent several months deliberating what the final title would be (I had a list of about 5 or 10 different titles that I wish I could find because I don’t remember what they were anymore). Half of the video was filmed on the west coast representing the “left” and the other half on the east coast representing the “right”. A vague but simple title that worked perfectly.

A good portion of the project was financed through the sale of clips I had filmed over the years to a company in California that made segments for an on demand cable network. At one point, before going on Red Bull’s Mean Streets, I was basically out of money . I didn’t have enough to even cover rent the following month before leaving for that trip. I ended up on a team with Gary Young and Morgan Wade, and as luck would have it, our team won that contest. Those guys split the winnings with me and that helped finance the rest of the project and kept me afloat. I seriously can’t thank Gary and Morgan enough for splitting that cash with me. I shot the intro to the video video on a Bolex using 16mm film purchased with my old student ID at Kodak in Hollywood. By the time I was ready to get the film processed and transferred (the final step before editing) I paid for it by selling an old VX1000 to Larry Alvarado. The same VX1000 was used to film Criminal Mischief, which was given to me in trade for working on the Little Devil DVD. The MK1 fisheye (used throughout the video) was also used in the making of Criminal Mischief.

All of the DVD artwork and animation in the video was created by Sean Curran aka Whiteboy. Whiteboy designed the famous Animal griffin head logo and was Animal’s lead parts designer at the time. He designed all of the packaging and graphics for the previous Standpoint videos and Left/Right was his first venture into animation using After Effects. The cover photo was shot and donated by Ride US photographer Jeff Zielinski. Dean Dickinson was one of the only other videographers to contribute footage. On the east coast, the video premiered at Van Homan’s now defunct two by four store in Pennsville, NJ and out west at 9 star in Mission Viejo, Ca (Kurt Rasmussen’s hometown).
Over the years I’ve had some of the most talented riders (and some of my favorite riders) in the world tell me this is one of their all time favorite videos. Hearing that has motivated me to try and get people to see it, either for the first time or to revisit. Most of this video has remained absent from the internet until now. There was a google video version with out of sync audio up for a few years but google video is no more. I’ve also mastered the compression settings to a point where I’m happy with the quality. So this is the first official release of Left/Right online. Enjoy!

You Won’t

you won't, front

Ever since I got this book at Interbike last year, it has been next to my bed ready for frequent diving into (no pun intended). It truly is full of great photos, stories and features a bunch of people (not just Dean). The fact that Dean Dickinson had the foresight to pull this off still impresses me.

Well, “You Won’t: 100 Pools Ridden by Dean Dickinson” is available now on Blurb. Read below for some info, then check the deep end (pun intended) for photos of some of the spreads.

From Dean:
TEAM SHRALP is proud to announce that YOU WON’T 100 Pools Ridden By Dean Dickinson is now available from Blurb.

Blurb is a print on demand book distributor. You can download your copy in PDF, or get your hands on an 8×10 soft cover format! YOU WON’T is dedicated to Dean’s brother in law James Schiefelbein R.I.P. 50% of the sales go directly towards the Schiefelbein family.