Flashback: Codey Levesque by Dakota Roche

Originally posted back in 2012. Good vibes.

We’re proud to finally present you with this Codey Levesque edit, which Dakota Roche graciously put together. Codey and Dak are boys and have been casually working on this for a minute while out having sessions. This is the first edit of its kind that we’ve had for Defgrip, so enjoy!

Photogallery: Dakota Roche by Nick Tellez

dakota roche, nick tellez photo

Photographer Nick Tellez is someone I learned about through Dakota Roche’s Instagram a little while back. Seems as though he was always shooting with Dak, but wasn’t your usual everyday BMX photographer. Looking at his site and Instagram, I was right. Nick holds it down with rad surf pics, lifestyle, scenic goodness in addition to BMX and skate.

I reached out to Nick about doing something for Defgrip and he was down. I had originally suggested doing a general photogallery with a mix of photos since he shoots a wide range of stuff, but Nick suggested doing something with a Dakota theme. I was totally down for this and thought it was a great idea. We still plan to do another mix gallery later this year too, so keep your eyes peeled.

With that said, click below to check out a rad Dakota Roche gallery by Nick Tellez.


Dakota Roche: Recovery Sessions

I'm happy to see Dak back on it after a while recouping from surgery.Dude's a beast.


By The Numbers: Dakota Roche

dakota roche, by the numbers, defgrip, interview, bmx

We’ve written down 100 random questions and assorted topics, all of which are unbeknownst to our victims. We will be asking people to pick 20 random numbers from 1-100 and then supplying them with those questions/topics to answer. Who knows what might come up!?!?!

Our next victim, is Huntington Beach’s own Dakota Roche.

Click below to check it out.


Random Instagram: Dakota Roche

Via – @dakroche

Dakota Roche / Monster Edit

Dakota Roche for Monster. You know what to do.


Dakota Roche / G-Sport Edit

Dak Don’t Stop! Here he is doing it for G-Sport.

Dakota produced this edit on his own with filming help from his boys.

Dakota Roche: Random iPhone Photos

Click below to check out some random iPhone photos courtesy of Dakota Roche!

I knew there would be some sort of Huntington Beach or sunset shot in the mix, and I was right!




1. Sonic Youth – ‘total trash’
2. Neil Young – ‘ohio’
3. The Rosewood Thieves – ‘diamond ring’
4. Bob Marley – ‘waiting in vain’
5. The Quarter After – ‘taken’
6. Kanye West – ‘cant tell me nothing’
7. The Rolling Stones – ‘all down the line’
8. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – ‘still raining, still dreaming’
9. The Beatles – ‘ill follow the sun’
10. The Damned – ‘smash it up (part 1)’