Peter Rosenberg: New York Renaissance

New York Renaissance, mixtape, peter rosenberg

I’ve been streaming this off and on for a few days. “Renaissance” is a strong word, but there’s some listenable shit on this.

Download the free mixtape HERE.

I Stand Corrected

With Vampire Weekend getting ready to release a new album, I’ve been revisiting their previous material, wearing more plaids and trying to apply to Ivy League colleges. ALSO! I’ve revisited the video part that introduced me to Vampire Weekend in the first place; Dan Cox in Tomorrow We Work. I loved Dan’s part and this video as a whole, so check it out again.

Shout out to Joe Cox.

Click below for Vampire Weekend’s new video for “Step”.


Crate Diggers: J Dilla

j dilla, photo credit unknown, crate diggers, hip hop, producer

The latest episode of highlights the late J Dilla, one of the most respected producers in Hip Hop. Obviously Dilla is no longer with us, so they got his mom and other notable people to tell his story. They dig into his record collection, talk about his ways etc.. It”s a good watch.

Click below to check it out.


Watchables: BSD / FLY / Nigel Sylvester

R.I.P. Biggie

Ironman Reissued


Ghostface Killah’s Ironman, which was his first solo album released in 1996 is being rereleased by Get On Down. This album is a classic and has left an enormous footprint on hip hop.

Click below for more about the package.


Sound City

sound city, documentary, music

Speaking of documentaries, I watched Sound City the other day and it was fucking awesome.

That”s right, FUCKING!

Sound City tells the story of a renowned recording studio called Sound City, which is located in Los Angeles. Many great records were made there. It was put together by Dave Grohl, has an and if you are a fan of music or rock history, eyeball Sound City.

Click below for the trailer, and go for more info.


Music w/ Jake Seeley

jim cielencki photo

jim cielencki photo

Jake Seeley has quite the eclectic taste in music, which is exactly the kind of surprising shit I like to find out. To be honest, I assumed that Jake was mainly a hip hop kid for the longest time, but nope.

Click below for a breakdown of Jake’s favorite albums along with some words about each one from Jake himself. Killa!