French Montana

A new piece I did on French Montana for Dazed and Confused just dropped today. It was rad to get to chill with French and I had a great time putting this piece together. I shot with him for a few days in New York, in the studio, at a photo shoot, at Hot 97, and rolled around in his Ghost… Check it out above and keep reading for a few photos from the shoot.


Strictly 4 My Jeeps

Action Bronson takes on a rap cliche or 2. Classic visuals right here.

Don’t let the thumbnail deter you, Riff Raff does NOT rap in this.


slayer, cover art, larry carroll

With the recent passing of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, I’m sure most fans went through and listened to a little more Slayer than usual. Same here.

While doing so, I kept being drawn to the amazing covers on some of these albums (specifically the ones above) and started wondering who made them after all these years. My research led me to Larry Carrol. Apparently dude keeps a low profile, which I kind of like. I did come across THIS rad interview which was a good read and had some great nuggets of info. I recommend.

If reading isn’t your thing, just click below.


My name is Mike Tyson I’m from Brooklyn New Yawk…

Just cuz.

Nardwuar & Questlove

If anyone’s got 46 minutes available to stare at a screen, this particular Nardwuar interview is real good.

Doot Doot.

2nd Best Trick to Get The Chicks To The Bed

clams casion, doom, bookfiend, music

New DOOM over Clams Casino. Not super duper in love with this after a few listens, but any DOOM is better than no DOOM. Love me some DOOM though. DOOM.

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nas, illmatic, cover

Illmatic – released on 4/19/94. This calls for a WTF!!! I just had one of those “damn, that dropped 19 years ago” moments. I know time doesn’t stand still, but just like that, illmatic is almost 20 years old!!! This album dropped when I was still riding bikes to record stores and buying cassette tapes! Seems like a whole other life and numerous music formats ago.

Needless to say, I love this album and still do. It’s timeless. NO. QUESTIONS. ASKED. If there’s a question, shut up. For me personally, I remember there being a certain mystique to this album. Most of the info I’d pick up came from NYC radio or magazines only, so you didn’t know every single thing about this project. Nas was relatively unknown, but all these great producers were backing him. The end product just feels right. And that cover…damn.

Ok, enough about my Illmatic boner, click below to check out a sweet album release press kit from 94.


R.I.P. – Storm Thorgerson


If you wanna talk about classic/brilliant album covers, you wanna talk about this guy (and assorted cohorts). Rest In Peace to Storm Thorgerson.

Click below to check a small glimpse of his work.


Pusha T – Numbers on The Boards

pusha t, numbers on the boards

This shit right here. No artwork needed.