CHVRCHES / First Aid Kit


Been loving these two very different albums. CHVRCHES. First Aid Kit.

Ride The Harley Into The Sunset…

Love this man.

Run The Jewels 2

FUCK YEEEEEESSSSSSSS. Run The Jewels 2. October 28th. Free. Now on Mass Appeal records. Here’s your first taste.

Did I talk about the first one enough?

Easy Rider

Dude’s a mad genius.

Zane Lowe Meets… Rick Rubin.

Always down to hear Rick Rubin speak. Dude’s a legend.


Flatbush Zombies X Trash Talk X 360 Degree Cameras X Drones.

Man programs robots to create live drum & bass…

…and it’s actually pretty cool.

This is drum & bass piece performed live using an automated drum kit and other percussion, playing together with a selection of vintage and new analog synthesizers.

All the sound is being generated in real time, the analog synths coming through the main rack mixer and the robotic percussion being recorded by microphones.

List of the main gear used :

Modulars : Roland System 100m (sub bass), Roland System 700 (basses), Doepfer system (stabs and atmospheric sound).

Other Synths : Yamaha CS-10 (more basses), Studio Electronics Omega 8 (chords and atmospheric sound), Korg Monotron Duo (more basses).

Suuns – 20/20

Just cuz….and not responsible for seizures.

3 Wheelin the Six fo’….

Woke up singing some Game.