Wild is the Wind

Wild in the Wind is a new project I worked on with Chad Moore for Dazed and Confused. Chad shot the photos that are featured as an editorial in the October issue of Dazed and I shot a film to go along with the article.

Super happy with how the whole project turned out and it was great to work with Chad! We’ve been friends for ages (I actually met him at Woodward when he was a camper and I was working there almost 10 years ago). Keep reading to see the film and the rest of the photos and check out the whole thing on the Dazed site.


Vans X Cult

Vans & Cult are set to drop the shoes they have been working on.

How do I know? Because I was lucky enough to get some of these in the mail recently. There are 2 styles, a mid (Atwood ) and a low top (Brasco), which came out nice. It’s easy to think that these are just black sneakers, but the materials feel quality and more than likely, you can wear these everyday. They also come with an extra set of orange laces if you want more pop.

From Vans:
Both shoes are wrapped in high-end black leather and use a waxed textile on accent panels for a rich look and feel. The vulcanized outsole and gum-colored WaffleGrip tread is a direct tie back to Vans heritage, while the sockliner artwork is a CULT original that ties back to the CULT attitude. Both shoes are lined with a 6oz. canvas in hunter orange from the CULT color palette and feature our Megathane midsole to keep both styles comfortable all day long, as well as prevent heel bruising while riding.

Click below for more pics.


Shadow 2011 BTS Softgoods

Shadow posted up their 2011 Back to School softgoods. Check them out HERE.

Mike Dytri on Breaks of 10

My old friend Mike Dytri is one of those “never not working” types that gets you pumped to go accomplish things, and on top of that I love the irony of him being such a “design guy” that you’d never know that, just for fun, he’s also a MMA killing machine.

I met Mike back in early 2000 when he was doing all of the creative for MOSH, which was a cool time because he was exposing all of us BMX kids to some fun stuff… introducing us to the staff at Big Brother, having our ads shot by fashion and skate photographers, and hooking us up with free custom-made, shrink-wrapped graphic tee shirts from his line Subfreakie.

Most recently, with his brand Ludwig Van, he’s collaborated with Vans to make an interesting run of shoes that have gone over quite well.

Read a quick interview with Mike at Breaks of 10.

Lahsaaaaaan!!! Part 2

Lahsaan Kobza doing it for Shadow pro. Feelin it!

Travis Collier Defgrip Jackets

Travis Collier has been modifying and making custom clothes for as long as I’ve known him. The past few years, he’s gotten really into customizing military jackets, so we thought it would be really cool if he put together a few limited jackets for Defgrip! We have some available for sale on our online store now, so pick one up and keep reading to check out a bunch of photos shot by David Lang!!

I feel strongly about custom fit and detailing in clothing. So much so that I spend alot of time customizing my own wardrobe and accessories. These Defgrip jackets were a prime example of this. After creating one or two of my own, I received such a great response to the look and fit of them. So Defgrip and I decided to do a collaboration and make more. Each piece started as a vintage military fatigue, I then dyed, fitted and detailed each piece into an entirely different jacket.

– Travis Collier



Lagerfeld on Luxury

Even though the interviewer looks like Dimitri Martin playing a joke, this interview with Karl Lagerfeld is awesome. And even though he ironically admits to personally avoiding technology during an interview about how great the present (and the future, and technology) is, I think his point about the subjectivity of opinions on time periods in general is on point. Big picture. I like this guy.

Found on the Red Wing blog (bookmark it). Click below for the video.

Bonus: Me dressed as Karl for Halloween 2009.


Defgrip Beanies

It’s cold now, so that means you should pick up a Defgrip beanie! They are available in three colors, Black, Grey, and Red and all come with a nice and warm fleece liner and a woven Defgrip label. You can pick up all three from our online store!


Hermes Fingerboarding Video

I never got into fingerboards or fingerbikes, but I certainly did see every single object around me as an imaginary mini riding obstacle. We probably all did as kids, and still do.

Click below for the video.