Grey Goose Dry Martini

Directed by our very own Harrison Boyce, here’s a well-presented bit of cocktail knowledge that could come in very handy on this particular evening.

Happy New Year everyone.

Ashrita Furman

… the man with the most Guinness World Records of all time. Fun documentary right here.

Consequently, I now hold the world record for how quickly one can get stressed out by not knowing how long a video is (time is disabled on this embed). This is about 20 minutes FYI.

Alec Soth on photographing “The Cloud”

Nice little piece about Alec Soth’s, Silicone Valley project from the SFMOMA site. Interesting to hear his take on the project and photographing something that doesn’t have a physical form like “The Cloud”.

I kept that in formaldehyde…

Tyson. Classic.

Throwback Nikon


Nikon recently announced a sick ass DSLR camera called the Nkon DF, it has a retro design with a full frame 16.2mp sensor inside….which pretty much means it will take some amazing photos and look good doing it. I’m drooling over this thing! I love my Fuji X100, but this thing may replace it….if I can ever afford it. Hit the jump to scope out some more pics of this beaute.


Joe Cookie KIND video

Long time BMX rider, videographer and friend of Defgrip Joe Cookie created this video about an awesome guy who helped out Hurricane Sandy victims and then got a little help himself.

Forever Bicycles


Chinese Contemporary artist, Ai Weiwei, has a sick installation up in Toronto called “Forever Bicycles,” which conists of about 3,000 bicycles installed together to create this behemoth sculpture. This thing looks massive and epic; if you are in Toronto definitely go scope this it out! Found this over at Huh, which is a good source for some time wasting…obviously after you waste time here first.


Treehouse of Horror

Check out this years extended Treehouse of Horror intro by Guillermo del Toro. There are more film references in this than I’ll ever be able to point out.


Why Not?